A Couple of New Sites

Hey guys. My apologies for being MIA this past week or two. It hasn’t been wasted, though. I’ve been actually working on a few new and free adult sites. I have several in the works, but these two are completed enough for the public. They’re both live, free and have a bunch of free content. So I figured maybe you guys might want to check them out.

First up is a site dedicated to home sex videos of younger (18+) amateurs called, Cute Teen Girlfriends. This site has actually been around for a while, but I just really started putting some effort into it & rebuilding it. So far, it’s getting some good feedback.

Next, is another site of “teens” (again, 18+), but these are videos of all professional hotties so horny that they have to have sex with each other until a man gets there. That’s right, I said it…until a man gets there! :P In case you misunderstood, Chowing Box is all free videos of gorgeous teen lesbians and bi-sexual babes.

Please check out the new sites if they’re of interest to you and I will have a new post for you shortly.

UPDATE: I’d like to make clear that ExGFPics.com is not going anywhere, nor am I stopping it in any way. These other sites are strictly secondary for me. Thanks for checking them out!

Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked at Home

I think this one is pretty cute for being a bit on the plain side in most of these pics. I mean, she looks great in picture #1 and there’s no doubt that she nice, all-natural body. You can tell by these pics that she’s a woman who enjoys being naked and more importantly, enjoys sex. Plus, I love the oiled-up, glistening look on naked female body. I think more women should lube their bodies before sex.

Steve says his ex girlfriend was a very dirty girl. He says she loved dressing up in slutty clothing, posing for pictures, getting naked and covering herself in baby oil. According to Steve, she literally will try anything and in any position, and it was a huge turn-on for her to do it all in front of a camera. In fact, he says they performed on webcam many, many times. He mentioned that some of you may even remember her from those days; her moaning face and swinging tits pushed right down on the camera. Steve didn’t say why, but she’s with a new guy now. Thanks, Steve!

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Former Girlfriend Showing the Hairy Goods

Well, I’m thinking this chick is fairly cute. She has a pretty face, a hot ass and a pussy that just looks like it’s begging for it. Personally, I *prefer* when a girl shaves down there, but at the same time it wouldn’t slow me down from the task at hand. I don’t know why she would be hiding her tits in most of these pics. From the few shots we can see, it appears she has a pretty nice rack, as well!

Shane says that his ex girlfriend was actually pretty good about keeping her goodies shaved and smooth, but he encouraged her to let it all grow out. While I prefer it smooth, he likes some grass on the playing field. Oddly enough, Shane began to suspect something was going on with her when she began shaving again, despite his pleas to let it go. His hunches were dead-on, too. Not much longer after her relapse to back to bald, he discovered she had started something up with a guy she worked with. Apparently, a few happy-hours led to a sexual relationship with another man. Shane said he wasn’t serious enough about her to fight for her, so he cut her loose.

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Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Her New Boobs

It never fails! Girls with fake boobs are always more willing to bare them in public. Of course, it’s tough to prove my point on this site since most of the women here are showing their breasts, but I think back to my younger days when all the girls in my group of friends were getting their boobs done. They always went from mildly shy about their nudity to super exhibitionist as soon as their tits were ready for public viewing. It was actually pretty amazing and quite the treat for us men. I mean, I’m not a fan of fake boobs, but they’re still better than no boobs at all.

BubbleBoy evidently enjoyed his girlfriend’s new boobs. He was right there with his camera ready for at least a few showings. I realize nudity on public beaches isn’t a big deal for most of you Europeans, but that sort of thing isn’t allowed in the States. Believe it or not, even thongs aren’t allowed on a lot of beaches. So any girl exposing her rack, even a little bit, is a nice treat for us. BubbleBoy didn’t leave us with a story behind his ex girlfriend or their demise, but I think we can pretty much guess the end results. Thanks, BubbleBoy!

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Ex Girlfriend Topless for Self Shots

Oh, my! I love girls like this; gorgeous, yet not glamorous. It’s all natural beauty at this point. When she gets older she may have to work at it a little more, but she’s got a hell of a start in the right direction. Besides being adorable she has a yummy, little body and those tits are just dynamite. If I were a pickier man, I would say she could use a bit more junk in her trunk, but I’m not all that picky. I love them in all shapes and sizes. This one just happens to fall into the “ideal woman” category.

Rick is another one who’s in the military and was trying to keep a long distance relationship going with his girlfriend. She would send him some nude or topless pictures from time to time, which really helped him get by while stationed in Iraq. The pics coupled with any correspondence between them, Rick had no other reason but to be optimistic about coming home and returning to his girl. That wasn’t the case, though. By the time he returned, she had long since moved on. Apparently she kept the girlfriend act going because she didn’t want to upset him while overseas. Aww, how thoughtful of her.

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Voluptuous Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Ass

Not the highest quality pics, but she looks to be some high quality tail. So I tried to clean-up the pictures a bit to get her posted. I’m also going to start posting women that are a bit larger than average in the BBW section. That’s not to say that she’s fat, because she obviously isn’t, but definitely on thicker side. I mean, I just want to take a bite out of that big, round butt sticking in the air. Overall, I’m really diggin’ her. I think she looks sexy as hell.

Ed had a long, passionate relationship with his ex girlfriend. He said they were either screwing or fighting. Plus, he’s a Marine stationed overseas, so they didn’t get to see each other all that much. When he came home, he said they would , “fuck like bunnies”, but in the end they would always end up fighting. He even took a long leave so he could spend some time with her, but only a couple days in she gets upset with him and disappears for the rest of his leave. Ed finds out later that they were already old news. Apparently, she had already moved on to other men because she assumed Ed was probably cheating on her. He wasn’t, but since he dumped his ex he has also moved on to nailing any piece of tail that crosses his path. He also included that this one wasn’t as good in the sack as she may look; that she was actually pretty boring.

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Spunky Ex Girlfriend Naked on the Floor

An “Animal House” poster on the dorm wall and a hot, naked blonde laying on the floor. I know exactly what kind of college student our submitter was/is — the fun kind. I can see why he would stick with this one, as well. Not only is she a real cutie with a gorgeous body, but she looks so happy to be removing her clothes and spreading her legs. That’s a female ideology I can support! :mrgreen:

Jake submitted these pics of his cute and spunky ex girlfriend. He says that they show her average personality; all about getting naked and having sex. As an example, in these pictures he never asked her to pose naked for him. He was using the camera for something else, but was side-tracked when she began stripping. Jake admits, she’s every college guy’s dream; gorgeous, loves to party and loves getting nailed even more. Although he was a little pissed when she moved on to another dude without ever mentioning it, he knew there was no serious future with her. So he wasn’t completely surprised.

Picture #7

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Prepares for Penetration

Most of the day, today, women have been posting the color of their bras - or their lack of a bra - on Facebook for breast cancer awareness. I think saving the boobies is a movement most of us support, but must of us guys are just going nuts. As one FB friend said, “I have a hard enough time trying to NOT think about boobies all day”. I feel you, my friend, because I’ve just had jiggly jugs on my mind all day, now. So I figured I’d find a submission of a girl sporting some big, beautiful breastesses.

Josef says his busty ex girlfriend was a horny, little thang. Their sex life was never an issue, but it was her extracurricular sex life that caused all the problems in their relationship. He said he was pretty clear about not being on-board with sharing her with other men and women, but evidently she didn’t care, because that’s what eventually broke them up.

On a side note I will be deleting the 2005 archives this weekend. Some of the older posts are causing me problems, so be sure to get your fill of ‘05 before it’s gone for good. I will probably be deleting 2006, as well, but I’ll be sure to give you guys a much earlier warning since 2006 is much bigger than ‘05.

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