Naked Ex Girlfriend Horny in Bedroom

Now, this chick isn’t the type of woman I would actively seek-out, but given the opportunity I could also easily see myself going home with her, without second guessing that decision. In my opinion, she looks like a lot of fun, as well as, fairly easy. And there ain’t nothing wrong with a combination, such as that. I mean, if these pics aren’t proof enough, take note of the pierced nipples and clit. While I love those areas pierced, I haven’t heard of too many church-going gals with such piercings. ;)

David submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend, from Tennessee, snapping shots of herself naked and horny in her bedroom. He says she was a total freak in bed, and did damn-near everything when it came to sex. He didn’t go into detail about what exactly “everything” means, but I can only imagine these pictures are only the slightest hint of her sexuality behind closed doors. David didn’t mention why they broke-up, but it seems that a lot of women with similar personalities end up here. So I’m guessing that it did not end pretty. Thanks for sharing, David!

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Gorgeous Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

My gawd! This chick is jaw-dropping gorgeous, in my opinion. I wonder if it’s too late to ask Santa to leave her under my tree? Then again, there would be no way I would be making the ‘nice’ list next year. It would be all naughty, all the time. I’m sure it would be worth it, though. I’m not noticing any physical flaws on this babe! Dare I say, “Perfect”? She has that exotic look about her, too, which makes her even more sexy. I’m thinking I would probably put up with a lot of her bullshit just for the opportunity to nail that.

Gerhard was the lucky man who had this delicious, little honey as his ex girlfriend and personal play thing. He says she was his live-in girlfriend and they were quite serious for a while; even talking about marriage. Not only was she the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on, but she also had a huge sexual appetite and she was pretty cool, for the most part. However, she was very high maintenance and very accustomed to being spoiled by men. It was very tough for Gerhard to keep up, until it finally dawned on him that he shouldn’t have to be jumping through hoops to earn her love. As soon as Gerhard slowed it down, she almost completely backed-off and became really distant. Before he knew it, she was moving out of his place and into some other poor sucker’s place. She was a lot of fun while it lasted, though! Thanks, Gerhard!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naughty at Home

This chick is kind of cute. For me, tattoos on women are a major turn-off, but other than that I’m diggin’ her. For one thing, she looks like she would be a lot of fun and really wild. Women with that horny, exhibitionist side to them are always a treat. I was lucky enough to date a girl, like that, a few years ago and the sex never got boring. She told me once that it was her goal for us to do it everyplace we went. It was a pretty tough goal to accomplish, but we had a great time trying. :mrgreen:

Justin submitted these pics of horny ex girlfriend nude and naughty around the house. They were together for about a year, while living and working together. He said she was a lot of fun, though; and a real freak in the bedroom. Living together only increased their sexual activities. But, as we all know, some women can be a little nutty and she was one of them. Justin says she was one of those types that thrived on drama. If there wasn’t any drama, she would create it. He finally had had enough and his only option was to cut her loose. Oddly enough, Justin still works with her and sees her everyday. Thanks for sharing, Justin!

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Sexy Former Girlfriend Flashing the Goods

Whoa! What a knockout! She’s a bit older than what we’re used to here, but definitely not lacking in quality by any means. She’s obviously a woman that takes care of herself and cares about looking good naked. She has some nice, natural boobs that seem like they’re really hanging in there; a hot ass and what appears to be some clean, manicured holes. Throw in that pretty face and we got ourselves one hot babe.

This is Marcus’s ex girlfriend in various states of undress, proving that a cool car really does encourage women to get naked and/or spread their legs. He really didn’t have a story to share with us, but it’s obvious these pics were taken over time. Judging by pic #3, I’m also guessing their break-up was fairly recent. However, we all know the direction most of the women featured here go. otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be here. Thanks Marcus!

UPDATE: Marcus sent me a note with some more info about his ex girlfriend. The following is verbatim: “[She] was a gold digger from the word go. She actually has fake boobs but had a baby so she gained size in her boobs and they look natural. She loved posing in the BMW and the Ferrari, and liked to show off in public places, but when it came time to be serious and responsible, the elevator didn’t quite go to the top floor.”

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Spreading Her Legs

This one is a bit on the skinny side for me; and as far as personal tastes go, she was too many tattoos and piercings. That’s not enough for me to lose interest in joining her a for romp between the sheets, though. I’m diggin’ her pointy, little titties and that snatch looks like it really enjoys a good pounding. Plus, she is kind of cute.

KillSwitch didn’t provide us with a lot of details about his ex girlfriend or their relationship together. He said he snapped these in the hotel room they were staying in while on a weekend vacation. They didn’t get to explore the town much, because their weekend consisted of mainly staying naked, doing it and ordering room service. That sounds like a pretty damn good weekend to me! KillSwitch left us with that, so we can only assume she went the same route as most of the women found here. Thanks for sharing, KillSwitch!

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Dirty Ex Girlfriend Gets It in Rear

My, my, my. Personally, I can’t help but love a girl who likes it in the pooper. And this girl doesn’t seem as if she just likes it, but it appear she really enjoys it. Her face doesn’t even wince as her boyfriend drives it in the backdoor. A rare, but wonderful quality in a woman. I was lucky enough to date only one woman who loved it in the butt (not to mention ATM). However, all the rest push me away when I try that. So, if I ever run into another three-input gal, I will be holding onto her for as long as possible. ;)

Gerry submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend enjoying some anal play. He says she was a total freak in the bedroom, or in this case, on the floor and futon. Having sex with her, he claims, was like he starred is in very own hardcore porn flick. These pictures are tame in comparison to her true sexuality. They dated for quite some time, even though Gerry never really took the relationship seriously. Interestingly enough, she ended up dumping him, but he didn’t mention why. Thanks, Gerry!

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Adorable Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked in Bed

My gawd! Is this girl adorable, or what? One of the things I really like about this chick is that, there’s not one part of her that makes her look slutty, like so many of the women found here; yet her she is getting naked and posing for pics. That’s what I love about doing this site; so many cute, everyday girls showing their naked, naughty side. This one is no different. Although she doesn’t get as nasty as some you see here, she has a big smile on her face while she’s removing her underwear.

Clamps says when he first met his now ex girlfriend, he thought she would be a tough one to get into the sack. And even if he did get into her pants, she just seemed uptight to him. Clamps gave it a shot anyway, and to his surprise she showed some interest in him. She wasn’t easy, but as soon as he finally got her into bed, she was like, a wild animal. Completely the opposite of what he was suspecting. He really started to dig her. What started out as just another attempt at adding a notch to the old bedpost, turned out to be something much more for him. Unfortunately, she wasn’t on the same wavelength. Clamps was really pursuing something more serious, but she wasn’t interested in that. Just the sex and when she wanted it. Clamps couldn’t believe he was being used. He’s always been the usER, but never the usEE. The sex was great, but it was tough for him, because he really liked her. She eventually got a serious boyfriend and cut-off the sex with Clamps. I would feel sorry for you, Clamps, but I would love to be used, like that and by a girl, like her!

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Ex Girlfriend Lays Nude in Dorm Room

Don’t you just love cute, horny college girls that like to take off their clothes and party? I know I do, especially when that college girl has a body, like this one. I would say she’s definitely on the cuter side of average, but it’s her beautiful, all-natural knockers that puts this girl in the next level. Those boobs look fantastic from all angles! The rest of her ain’t too shabby, either. I love how she grabs onto the wall and sticks her ass out, like she’s ready for a good drilling.

Corey met his ex girlfriend at college. A lot of people used to hang in his dorm room, mainly because his roommate practically lived at his girlfriend’s place. So Corey pretty much lived alone. This chick used to come by with a mutual friend of them both. There was always sexual tension between them, but it wasn’t until they were left alone one Saturday night and Corey finally laid the pipe. For the rest of the school year they had a pretty passionate relationship, mainly humping like bunnies. With all the sex they were having, he was very surprised (and hurt) to learn that she also had some action on the side. Corey couldn’t figure out when she found the time, until he found out that one of her so-called, “school activities” was really another dude.

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