Ex Girlfriend Naked and Spreading

After all these years doing this site, I still can’t figure out why so many girls are not smiling when posing. Maybe they think it’s sexier than a smile, or something. This one seems to be a bit thick (not fat) for my tastes, but still pretty sexy all the same. I mean, she has a cute face; a firm rack and and evidently a very creamy snatch. Sounds like a damn good combination to me!

Jake submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend naked and spreading her legs in bed. They met during both their first years of college, during Thanksgiving break, when they were caught trying to get into a bar using fake IDs. Since their rides got into the bar, they both went out for coffee. They hit it off right away and by the next night they were already knocking boots. They kept the relationship going for a while as a long distance thing, hooking-up every opportunity they got. They couldn’t work it out, though and eventually the fire just fizzled out. Thanks Jake!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless

Whoa! What a knock-out! Of course, I wish she were smiling; as well as, having those panties bunched up on the floor and her ankles behind her neck. She’s pretty damn easy on the eyes, so she’s a joy to look at no matter what she’s wearing, or not wearing. I guess the butterfly tattoo isn’t too bad, but she’s heading down a dangerous road where pretty girls think it’s sexy to be covered in ink. Then they hit their 30’s. I wonder if she has a tramp stamp yet?

Antonio says he would have shot his ex girlfriend in much more explicit poses, but she put the brakes on that. She loved to pose for pics topless or in lingerie, but anything too dirty on camera, she wasn’t having it. That didn’t even come close to defining her bedroom behavior without the camera, though. She was no pornstar in the making, or anything, but she was definitely one of the best he’s ever been with. Unfortunately, they weren’t clicking on any other levels besides sex. Once the newness began to wear off, they got on each others nerves. The relationship was doomed for failure and eventually ended.

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Ex Girlfriend Naked Around the House

It appears we have ourselves a pretty Irish girl, here. American-Irish. Sometimes I forget the web is worldwide, hence the name. It really doesn’t matter though, as long as they’re cute, naked and raring to go I really don’t care where they’re from. This chick is no disappointment either. I wouldn’t mind seeing her with a bit more curves, but for the most part I think naked time would be fun time with her. She looks pretty happy about naked time, too. That’s always a plus. ;)

George dated his ex girlfriend on-and-off during his college years. They had one of those types of relationships where no matter how many times they broke-up, they always migrated back to each other, then start the whole process all over again. George says there was no one specific reason for parting with her permanently, but after all the arguing and repeating the same routine it wasn’t that hard for him to finally cut her loose. Thanks, George!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend All Naked and Wet

I just love ‘em cute, tiny and perky; like this one, here. Of course, the perkiness has a lot to do with youth, but I’ll take it however it comes. I’ve never really been into the bathtub/shower poses, but there’s nothing like a roll between the sheets when a woman is completely clean and fresh. Perhaps our submitter was just hosing her down before she jumped into bed and spread her legs. :lol:

Adam says his 19 year old ex girlfriend was a little firecracker. She was very outgoing and bubbly, and had an insatiable appetite for sex. She sent him these pics while he was away at a training seminar for work. He was too far away from her at the time, so he had to order the adult movie in his hotel room the night he received these. Unfortunately, that same job transferred him to another state. Adam invited her along, but ended up leaving alone and hurt after she turned him down.

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Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude for the Camera

I’m find this chick very sexy, but not in the conventional way. I usually prefer to see women a bit more curvy, but for the most part she’s creating quite an ache in my jeans. I wouldn’t say she’s the prettiest girl in the world, but it’s the overall package that makes her attractive. In picture #5, she kind of looks like one of them Real Dolls. Just put some brighter red lipstick on her and position her mouth in the “O” face and she would be a spitting image of a sex doll. I would think that would be a good thing that your girlfriend resembles a sex toy some men pay a lot of money for.

As I’m sure you can tell, this was not a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot while she was drunk, or anything. Tom had been trying to talk his ex girlfriend into doing some nude poses for him for a while. Apparently, she finally caved-in. He says these are the tame pictures, as they get much more explicit, but he didn’t feel it right to expose that much of her. She cruelly broke Tom’s heart, but he just couldn’t bring himself to show her dirty side. I say that’s fair, though. She DOES look pretty damn good in these pics alone.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

I really wish this chick got completely naked, because she seems to have an excellent body. The rest of her goodies are anything like her awesome rack, then she’s really got something going, there. She has something going for her anyway, because she’s pretty damn sexy just like this. Spunky, cut and naked…just how I like ‘em! I mean, if that bed in pic #4 doesn’t look inviting then there may be something wrong with you. That has “come to me” written all over it and I think to listen to her.

Vince says he’s always had a thing for conquering stuck-up girls and his ex girlfriend was just that. The only difference is that he fell for this one. He didn’t even see it coming. At first she was just another notch in the bedpost, but she really started to grow on him, until he found himself missing her when she wasn’t around. But apparently karma was paying him back for all the girls he’s dogged over the years. They were a couple, but she was just not faithful to him and obviously wasn’t taking him seriously. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and ended the relationship. She didn’t put up much of a fight, either. Ouch!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Horny at Home

Whoa! This girl looks like she would be a lot of fun! Obviously those huge, jiggly boobs are going to draw the most attention, whether she’s wearing clothes or not. Plus, she’s sporting some snug, clean holes. I’m also loving her mouth. You have got to love that she’s taking nude pictures of herself with porn on the TV in the background. It’s always nice if you can find a girlfriend who also enjoys watching porn. Not all of them will admit it in the beginning, but there are more women out there who enjoy porn than you might think.

Turk submitted these pics of his busty ex girlfriend showing-off the goods. He says she’s the type of gal that would be nude all the time if the law allowed it. She was very comfortable with her body and wasn’t afraid to show it off, either. Of course, with a body, like hers, Turk did a very lousy job at controlling himself while she pranced about the house in her birthday suit. Lucky for him, she very rarely stopped him from ravaging her. They split-up when she moved to another state. Thanks, Turk!

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Emo Ex Girlfriend Naked in Mirror

When I was younger we used to call these types of girls, punk or maybe even, a rocker chick. However, I was informed that they are now referred to as, emo. Am I showing my age here? Anyway, I always loved these girls - especially the ones with colored hair - but not enough to actually try and date them. I really only wanted a roll or two in the hay, because they always seemed wild to me. Besides the lip piercings, I’m diggin’ this chick just as much; a sweet, little ass; perky, tiny tits and a hairstyle that tells me she’s a dirty girl.

Frank is in a band and he says she started out as just a fan, then to groupie and ultimately somehow she worked her way up to full girlfriend status. Of course, he wasn’t trying to keep her out of his life at the time. She was practically throwing herself at him and happily accepted. She was a bit too smothering, though. She constantly was over at his place, at rehearsal and his shows. The more he tried to separate himself from her, the more clingy she became. He eventually cut her loose, but it wasn’t easy. She was having a hard time accepting the break-up and was not taking no for an answer. Long story short, she finally got the hint.

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