Ex Fiance Gets Naked in Her Bedroom

Ok, so she’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but that body is looking mighty yummy. Yes, she has a great pair of all-natural funbags, but I’m particularly loving the view from the rear. She’s another one that I just want to take a bite out of that juicy ass. get her in the ass-up/face-down position and the view gets even better. I’d love the opportunity to thoroughly explore both of those fantastic, pink holes! :D

BigJoe dated his now ex fiance for a couple years before he popped the question. He thought she would be the perfect wife. She wanted a lot of the same things out of life, as he, and their sexual passion for one another never died down one bit. She spoke a lot of family and having her own offspring, so BigJoe figured the timing was perfect. Apparently she was telling him one thing and thinking another, because BigJoe discovered she was getting some action on the side. He traveled a lot for business. When he was gone, she would call the other dude. She was lying to that guy, too, because he had no idea she was engaged to BigJoe, either. Yikes!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows-Off Naked in Bed

I’m diggin’ this chick; especially her cute, little body. Plus she has that mischievous glint in her eyes. In my experiences, that combination in a female spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. A lot fun, yes, but definitely trouble in the long run. Unfortunately, most men (including myself) are powerless against it. I mean, how many times have you known that getting involved with a certain girl will cause you nothing but problems, but you go ahead and do it anyway? I could see this girl being many men’s kryptonite.

Phantom didn’t include a story with these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend, but he did share some of her best sides with us, and that’s what is most important. He must be doing something right if he’s luring a girl like her into a horrid looking room like that, and then getting her naked and to spread her legs. At least Phantom’s got mirrors all around the bed. That always makes things a bit more interesting. Thanks, Phantom!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Playing with Herself

Ooh-la-la. This chick really doesn’t fall into the category of my usual type, but every once in a while there’s an exception to my tastes, and she’s one of those exceptions. If I saw her on the street, with her clothes on, I don’t think she would get my attention. Knowing that she’s packing an amazing, little body underneath it all definitely shoots her up the sexiness scale. The fact that she shoots nude pictures of herself being naughty and masturbating pushes her up even further.

Jack submitted these pics of his skinny and petite ex girlfriend. They were dating before they both went off to separate universities, but continued their relationship for a while. In the beginning they talked almost everyday, either online or on the phone; adding some sexuality into the mix to keep them both sane until they could see each other again. All that would really do for Jack is make him even hornier, where he eventually had to go out and find the real thing, whether it was with her or someone else. he wasn’t the only one with that idea, though. She ended up doing the same thing; finding a man for some sexual release. When they both discovered the other was cheating, they decided to end it there. Thanks for sharing, Jack!

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Former Girlfriend Posing for Easy Access

Obviously, she’s the type of gal who seems completely comfortable with her nudity and I like that quality in a woman. Plus she has a bit of that girl-next-door look about her, which always makes pics like these all the better. Probably because girls, like that, appear innocent and don’t seem to be the type who would be so willing. But when they are willing and not so innocent, man are they a lot of fun! It’s even more fun when you get the honor of corrupting that girl-next-door into debauchery.

Filipe snapped these pictures of his ex girlfriend one day when she was feeling especially naughty. She’s far from prudish, but it was unlike her to be such an exhibitionist with a camera around. He says she was actually fairly uptight about sex and nudity when they first met, but he introduced her into a new world of sexuality and she gradually came around to his side. Filipe began to lose interest once the challenge was over, though. He said he needed a new challenge and he left this one for a new girl who hasn’t a clue of what she was getting herself into.

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Ex Girlfriend Dressing-up and Undressing

For me, it don’t get much better when a cute, little Latina is sportin’ a shapely ass that I can really grab a hold of. So, I’m sure you can see why this hot tamale would be getting my motor running. I wish we got some sexier poses, but it is kind of fun when a girl let’s you peek under skirt, especially when she’s wearing no panties under there. From what I can see, it appears she has a nice, clean snatch too. To top it off, it’s obvious she likes to dress fairly provocative, which is a good thing, because who wants a girlfriend that wears sweats all the time?

Arturo says he actually snapped these pics while his ex girlfriend was trying on different outfits for a night out at the clubs. Of course, they never made it out that night, because Arturo can only handle so much nudity before he has to do something about it. So in between wardrobe changes he mad ehis move and it ended up keeping them rolling around in the sack for the rest of the evening. They were together for about six months before they realized it wasn’t going to work out between them. Arturo isn’t worried, though. He claims to have quite the supply of willing women. Whatever you can handle, Arturo, is what I say.

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Punky Ex Girlfriend Horny in Bed

She’s not the type of girl that I prefer to shack-up with, on the other hand I wouldn’t turn her down if she really wanted me to join her, either. Obviously, she’s at least a little on the wild side, but get her naked and she’s looking pretty damn good. It’s tough to see in these pics, but she appears to have some tiny tits and long, pointy, pierced nipples; which is always a plus in my book. And that little snatch is looking mighty yummy.

Mosquito submitted these pics of his dirty ex girlfriend removing her panties and playing with her pussy. He says her personality was a lot different than her appearance. She was actually a fairly sweet and caring girl. She was naughty girl behind closed doors, though. Mosquito says she loved it really rough and was a three-input type of gal. However, their relationship eventually ran it’s course. He was still kind of digging her when they broke-up, but it was for the best.

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Ex Girlfriend Shows-Off Her Hot Body

Day-yum! Another cutie with a great body. I don’t know about the Snoopy bikini, but I’m sure she’s turning heads at the beach. Of course, she looks even better naked. She looks so soft and clean, I just want to eat her up…and out. I wonder if that Playboy necklace of hers is an aspiration, because she just might be able to pull it off as a Playmate. I’m a little old to hang centerfolds on my wall, but she would definitely have a special place under my mattress.

Andreas says his ex girlfriend was very comfortable with sex and being naked, so there were never any problems in that department. Plus, she knew she looked hot and she liked the attention she got from the men-folk when she dressed provocative. However, she was also a huge flirt which increasingly became a problem for Andreas. It wasn’t so much her flirting, but that other guys were constantly calling her and trying to get into her pants. He was already at the end of his rope when, he discovered that she had been giving-in to temptation with at least on of her pursuers. That was the final straw for Andreas and he got the hell out. Good idea.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Undressing at Home

Whoa! I’m really diggin’ this little cutie. Not only is she naturally adorable; but that tiny, nude body is just smokin’ hot. She has some nice, all-natural, jiggly boobs that, in my opinion, is always a major plus in any woman. But what’s even better is a gorgeous ass. This chick is sportin’ one of the yummiest, little asses I’ve seen in a while. I want to frame it and hang it on my bedroom wall! Even covering her up, she has beautiful eyes; the type that could gain control of any man.

Brandon submitted these pics of his very sexy ex girlfriend undressing and showing off a bit in his bed. He says for her to be posing nude was very much out of character for her, but she was apparently caught in the moment. Unfortunately for us, this was as far as Brandon could get her to go on camera. He really didn’t have a break-up story to tell us, but I couldn’t imagine a sweet looking girl, like her, doing anything wrong. :roll: *sarcasm intended*

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