Ex Girlfriend Stripping in Bedroom

Wow! She looks dynamite with her long, blonde hair down and her big, natural breasteses just sitting there; looking pretty. However, as much as I hate to say it, I think I prefer this girl when she has the pouty look and not smiling, and of course perpetually topless. Judging by the curves, I’m guessing the rest of that body is just as fine as her soft, shapely boobies.

Justin dated his ex girlfriend a couple of years ago. She was just about to begin college and he was just finishing, so he had a couple years experience on her. That’s not to say she wasn’t already a naughty girl. When they first met, she didn’t waste much time before she began to aggressively work her sexual charm on Justin. In fact, she was usually the aggressor throughout their short-lived relationship, but of course he didn’t fight her even a little bit. When she went away to school, they couldn’t find much of a reason to keep it going. Maybe she was just practicing for college! :grin:

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Naughty Ex Wife Nude and Horny in Bed

Perhaps this chick would catch my eye, but I’m not sure I would be completely attracted to her unless she she was laying nude, like this, in my bed. When ever a woman is both horny and willing, they always seems to jump up a few points on the attraction scale. I don’t know how many times I’ve ignored certain physical qualities just for an easy piece. This one appears to have a sweet ass and a nice, little snatch; so I wouldn’t think I would have any problem joining her for a quick, hard romp in the sack.

Errol submitted these pictures of his sexy ex wife posing nude in bed, taken during happier times in their relationship. He didn’t say why they divorced, but Errol did happen to mention that she was an absolutely freak in bed. They did it all; from inviting a third person (man or woman) into the bedroom with them to wife-swapping with other couples. Most of these sexual activities were her suggestions, too! When I hear things like that, I can only assume that she just couldn’t get enough and Errol had had enough.

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Dirty Ex Girlfriend Penetrates Herself

Umm. Now this is something I haven’t seen before. First of all, outside of it possibly being Halloween, I’m having a hard time figuring out the meaning behind the costume, or even what she’s supposed to be dressed as. Plus, I originally thought she was penetrating her butthole using some sort of plug-in vibrator, but after closer inspection it seems that she’s using a hair curling iron covered with a ziplock baggy. It appears curling iron has made that journey more than once, as well. I’m not sure if that’s hot or just weird. Nevertheless, she’s obviously quite a dirty girl.

Steven left us without a story about his ex girlfriend. usually I really don’t care if a story is included, but I’m extremely curious about this series of pics he submitted. Like, does she have the iron on when she’s ramming it up her butt? Is she using lubrication? What else does like up there? Inquiring minds want to know! I’ve known women who really dig anal play, but nothing to this extent. if nothing else, you know Steven’s ex girlfriend was fun. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Exotic Former Girlfriend Posing Nude

First, I’d like to officially throw this girl’s hat in the ring, as a contender for World’s Most Spectacular Pooper! You’ll see what I mean when you click-thru to the full gallery. They invented thongs for asses, like hers. I mean, she has a great body to begin with, and she’s obviously a girl who takes care in her appearance; but I’m sure she’s stopping traffic where she’s wiggling that hot, little ass of hers. What is it about South American women and their beautiful buns? Did I mention that I like her ass?

Ferdinand, from Brazil, snapped these picture while he and his ex girlfriend were on a little getaway. I’m sure you can guess what happened between them, to break-up their relationship. She was a high-maintenance girl and she was well aware of the effect she had on the opposite sex. Of course, she used that to her advantage, too. If she wants something, she gets it one way or another. On the other hand, she was not a tease by any means. She loved sex and she put-out if he wanted it without hesitation. However, according to Ferdinand, as soon as she drained his bank account she was on to another poor sucker. I guess some women are the same no matter what continent your on.

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Ex Girlfriend on Her Back and Spreading

She’s probably not the type of girl I would actively go after, but if little effort was involved I would happily join her whenever she was up for it. She obviously isn’t shy about getting naked and spreading her legs, and I must admit the last three pictures make her look mighty tempting. I’m not a fan of the boob job, but I’m sure most men could find them useful, if you know what I mean. her pussy is looking pretty yummy, too. She just needs some experience with razor control.

Don submitted these pics of his on-again/off-again ex girlfriend getting naked and ready for a pounding, in his dorm room at college. He says he could never take her seriously mainly because “she couldn’t be trusted”. She was a notorious flirt that was also known to follow through, so he was afraid to get too close to her. The clincher that broke them up for good was when Don actually walked-in on her going down on a friend of his at a party. Ouch!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude the Mirror

I like this girl. She’s pretty, but not over-the-top gorgeous, and she has a really cute body. I enjoy those qualities in females. Too bad we don’t get more ass shots, though. I’m diggin’ that little butt. Most of all, I’m loving her big, semi-puffy nipples. I’m sure the boys give them nipples some special attention.

GuitarBob really didn’t have much info about his ex girlfriend or their relationship to elaborate on. He just said that she was a horny girl that would send him nude pics of herself once in a while. It doesn’t sound like their time together was very serious, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that. What straight man doesn’t love a no-strings relationship with a cute babe every once in a while? Thanks, GuitarBob!

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Ex Girlfriend Strips and Masturbates

This girl is kind of cute. It’s hard to tell for sure, because she’s wearing way too much make-up, in my opinion. But I’m really diggin’ the braided pigtails, her hot body and her willingness to shed her clothing and go to town on herself. I think I would like to begin a movement in support of the women out there, so horny they feel the need to strip-off their clothes and masturbate, wherever they may be. No longer shall they feel embarrassed or ashamed because they need sexual release. We support you!

Jason says his ex girlfriend was a cute and spunky, little thing. She was very proud of her body and how she looked naked, so she enjoyed showing it off. He says he has a ton of nude and dirty pics of her. She just loved the attention and the depravity of it and, of course, Jason encouraged it. They were starting to get serious about each other, but the flame began to fizzle. They were both dating other people behind each other’s backs, so they just decided to call it quits.

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Nude Ex Girlfriend Posing in Rollerskates

I would be pretty happy if just about any woman came rollerskating through my place completely nude, but I think I would be especially happy with this chick. Unless, of course, Heather Graham were to skate into the room to relive a few scenes from “Boogie Nights”, I could make an exception. ;) For now, this gorgeous thang will do just fine. Unfortunately, we have to deal with that damn flash again, though.

Darin was pretty serious about his ex girlfriend at the time. They had a place together and there were even talks about marriage and kids. He says she ruined everything, though, when she started messing around behind his back. Her excuse was that she was lonely, because he did have crazy work hours. Darin responded by asking why she went and screwed someone else before talking to him about it. She didn’t have much to say and he couldn’t trust her anymore.

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