Busty Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Boobs

I’m likin’ this chick. Normally, the extra meat around the mid-section would be kind of a turn-off for me, but the fact that she looks pretty sexy regardless is enough to get me interested. It’s them all natural, monster mammaries that completely phase out any physical hang-ups I had. When women have a rack, like that, they go from just tits to funbags. Not to say that there’s any boobs out there that aren’t fun, but these are just extra fun.

Milo says he was always a big fan of his ex girlfriend’s big boobies, and who wouldn’t be!? he also says that there’s no real story behind their relationship or break-up. They had a hell of a lot of fun while they were dating and the relationship just ran it’s course. She loved the attention she got from her huge rack, though. So, Milo knows she would probably be flattered to discover so many men drooling over her chest Well, it’s working for me, Milo. Thanks!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

Ooh, I like those blue eyes against her darker complexion. The rest of her ain’t too shabby, either. Actually, the rest of her is looking pretty freakin’ good. That purple lingerie/bra number is a bit too gaudy for my tastes, but as long as she’s only wearing it for no more than a couple minutes, I could live with her wearing it. I’m just being nit-picky, though. I really wouldn’t care what a kind of underwear a girl wears, because hopefully the only place I will be seeing it is wadded-up on my bedroom floor.

Goose claims that this sexy thang is an ex girlfriend of his and a fairly kinky one, at that. Unfortunately, he didn’t go into any dirty details about her kinkiness, but judging by these pics alone, I would say she’s at the very least an exhibitionist. He says she loved to pose for sexy and/or nude pictures. She once told him that she often fantasized about being a girl featured on a porn site. Well, it may not be ideal, but now here’s her chance to shine. Thanks, Goose!

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Busty Former Girlfriend Horny in Bed

Wow! What a body on this babe! Those natural boobs are fantastic. Plus she has the appearance of what I would consider a wild chick. Those two qualities together in one woman is always a lot of fun. Then again, in my experiences, they can also be very dangerous. And the first time she sticks her luscious ass out and spreads her butt cheeks in your face, it’s all over from there. Especially if she’s the type of girl who likes all holes filled.

Niklos sent in these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend nude and apparently very ready for him to kick thing into gear. And yes, I realize that Niklos’ unit has made a couple of appearances, but it was either that or not show those pics at all. Niklos also didn’t submit a story about her or any nasty break-ups, but do you really want to spend any time reading this when you could be drooling over her? Plus, it’s getting tough for me to type with only one hand free. ;)

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Former Girlfriend Spreads Her Holes

I think this chick is pretty cute in a plain-Jane sort of way. I love it when it’s discovered that plain looking women are hiding a smoking, little body underneath plain looking clothing. It’s kind of like, if you stumbled across a hidden treasure. I admit that I prefer a bit more manicured pussy, but other than that, it seems this chick has got all the right equipment. her ass looks spectacular when she’s sticking it in the air, like that. It’s hard to tell what her tits actually look like, since she’s on her back, but those nipples are great! Unfortunately, pic #5 is kind of killing the mood for me, because I can’t help but imagine the scene from ‘Ace Ventura’, when Jim Carey makes his ass talk to Tone Loc.

Wally says his ex girlfriend was, for the most part, “prim and proper” while in public, but was a wild woman in the bedroom. She was a bit uptight when they first began sleeping together, but as she became more comfortable, she really let loose; not to mention also becoming a lot more open minded. Although, Wally didn’t go into details on just how “open minded” she really was. he also didn’t say why exactly they split-up, however he did mention that she dumped him.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked in Bed

Whoa! Yet, another pretty, girl-next-door type. That’s not meant to be taken as a complaint either. She doesn’t have the perfect body that some of our past girls have had, but she still looks good naked, and that’s a damn good place to start with any girl. Plus, she seems pretty happy about being naked and an opportunity to ride the bologna pony. Especially in pic #1. “Yay! I just came!”

Dale and his ex girlfriend busted the camera out during one of many romp sessions, while on a little weekend getaway. It was actually their first trip together and she really came out of her sexual shell. Up until then, she seemed nervous and self-conscious in the sack, but as soon as they were settled and alone on this trip she practically attacked him to get him naked and in bed. Unfortunately, that’s where his story to us ended. So, apparently things didn’t work out between them. Thanks for sharing, Dale!

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Adorable Ex Girlfriend Nude in Dorm Room

My gawd! Is this girl a knock-out, or what? The whole pouty, girl-next-door thing is working quite well for her, in my opinion. Throwing nudity into the mix just pushes her over the edge, nearing perfection. If I were her trainer, I would put her on the treadmill, but other than that, I’m diggin’ everything about this chick. I mean, it’s obvious she glammed herself up for these pictures, but even in her casual/clothed pics she looks adorable and sexy.

Mason submitted these pics of his very cute ex girlfriend posing nude in her dorm room, at college. They started dating in high school and ended up going to different universities. She took these nude, DIY glamor shots of herself for Mason’s birthday, since they carried on a long distance relationship and wouldn’t be seeing each other for a while still. For birthday, he told her he wouldn’t be able to see her, but was planning a surprise visit on the sly. When he arrived, she wasn’t the only one surprised. Mason was also surprised to find her with another dude. Yikes! Always a harsh way to discover the truth. Thanks, Manson!

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Ex Girlfriend Gets Strips in the Office

I’m diggin’ this chick. She’s a bit thicker than what I’m accustomed to, but overall she’s pretty sexy. I love women with really long hair, like this girl’s. Draping over a pretty face is even better. Of course, it’s that spectacular, little ass and perky, tiny titties that really get my attention, though. Without taking the fact that she’s getting naked in an office into consideration, that little tattoo above her ass tells me she’s at least a tad naughty.

Not only is this Zach’s ex girlfriend, but they also used to work together. That’s how they first met. She was the sexy, new office girl and to get to know her he invited her out to happy hour. After several cocktails, Zach was able to crack a third base hit back at his place. He closed the deal the next time they went out and afterward work became a lot of fun. For a while, anyway. They were always trying to sneak in quickies at the office. These pics were taken after work hours, in the conference room. They ended up doing it right on the table. Unfortunately, it turns out she was blackmailing him and they both lost their jobs as a result.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Playing with Herself

I don’t know if it’s her cute, girl-next-door looks; her little, bald pussy; her yummy lollipop; or if it’s them freaky knee-socks, but I’m definitely diggin’ this chick. Although, I am a bit suspicious that her tits are kept under wraps throughout this series, but I didn’t realize that until I had really looked these pics over. I was mainly distracted by the ol’ lollipop-in-the-puss trick, making my mouth water, for both. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure there would be a good market for “Pussy Pops”. :grin:

Adam says his ex girlfriend was no prude, but the day he snapped these pictures of her, she was in rare form. She was never this open(no pun intended) about her nudity. She was always a ‘lights off’ type of gal, but on this day, as we can see, she was all about being a dirty girl. Even more surprising is that she encouraged Adam to continue with photo-taking. Of course, he could only handle so much and had to put the camera down. Unfortunately, they had an ugly break-up and somehow she forgot all about these pics before she made him angry. However, Adam didn’t go into details about that. Thanks, Adam!

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