Petite Ex Girlfriend Posing for Self Shots

Well ain’t she a cute, little thang. She looks a bit too cheery for me, but then again it’s nice to see a girl both naked and smiling for once. Actually, I wouldn’t care much if this chick was smiling, because I would be all over that sexy, little bod. I love ‘em small, like this. The tiny tits and hot, little ass; these are a few of my favorite things. I like her stretchy pussy, too. ;)

Frankie says his ex girlfriend sent him these pics when she was on a summer vacation with her family. When I first read this email, I was hoping I wouldn’t find any family members in the background. That would just be creepy. But snapping naked self pics on the sly is kind of hot. Frankie didn’t say why they split-up, but I couldn’t imagine it was voluntary for him when she’s got a body, like that. Thanks, Frankie!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Showing the Goods

I do like thin ladies, but this one is a bit too thin for my tastes. But, as I’ve said many times, that ain’t got nothing to do with whether or not I would hop in the sack with her. Of course, my standards for no-strings sex are almost nil, so that isn’t saying much. Overall, I think she’s pretty sexy, though. I mean, she’s attractive, she takes care of herself and evidently enjoys showing off her naked bod. Plus, the sight of her in the ass up/face down position is awfully enticing.

Brian sent in these pics of his sleek and skinny ex girlfriend getting naked and showing it off for some self shots. He says these pictures are completely random and sent to him over a period of time. So there’s no story of a drunken night with a camera, or anything. She just loved posing for sexy pics . She told him that it also made her feel sexy and a little horny, too. What man wouldn’t encourage that? As long as the pics were for him, anyway. At least, I’m assuming they were for only Brian’s eyes. he never really mentioned why they broke-up. So maybe she was showing them off to other dudes, as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing, Brian.

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Cute Former Girlfriend Nude at Home

Oh, wow! Forget about the last girl laying spread-eagle on my sofa. I want this one, instead! Such a pretty face and hot, natural body. She obviously is not a bit shy about traipsing around nude and spreading her legs for the camera, either. I mean, a girl comfortable with her body and nudity is always a great quality, however I don’t know if I would seek-out a girl so willing to spread her lips for the lens. Unless, of course, I was on the other end of that lens. But as far as girlfriend material, knowing that little nugget of info would never allow me to take her seriously, except for some serious rolls in the hay. :grin:

Damien says his ex girlfriend was just as much fun and just as dirty as she appears in these pics. She was well aware that she had great boobs and a cute ass, and she loved the attention she got from showing-it-off. He says, for her, a camera in the room was just an excuse for her to start flashing the goods or getting undressed. of course, that was one of the things that attracted Damien to her. So he knew what he was getting involved with, but even he admits that he was naive in thinking that she would only have eyes for him and remain faithful. Evidently, that wasn’t the case, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be drooling over her now.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Masturbates on Sofa

Ugh! That couch is horrendous! Then again, our submitter has a pretty fine looking woman naked and masturbating on it and I have no woman, masturbating or otherwise, on my sofa. Just a big, slobbery dog. So he must be doing something right. But enough about the furniture already, there’s an oily chick working a dildo up her cooch. from what I can tell, she’s really diggin’ it, too.

Mick is the man responsible for getting his ex girlfriend all greased-up and naked on the sofa. The dildo was hers, though. He just liked to watch her get herself off before he stepped in to finish the job. For some reason it doesn’t surprise me that they broke-up, because Mick caught her messing around with an acquaintance of his behind his back. I’ve known a few girls like that. The ones that keep it in your circle of friends, where they just move from you to a buddy, and to another. I could never understand how the final guy could live with himself. Anyway, thanks, Mick!

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Ex Girlfriend Nude Around the House

We’ve been having a good run, lately, and we ain’t about to stop now! Another tiny cutie showing it all and what a hot little body she has, too. I usually prefer a girl with a bit wider hips, but more importantly, she has a great, little ass. So I can deal with the narrow hips.. Plus, she has a sexy, trashy look about her and I really dig that.

Vincent submitted these pics posing nude and spreading her legs. he didn’t leave us with a story about her or their relationship, but I don’t think we need anyone to tell us that she’s at least a little naughty. The tramp stamp and the brazen nudity are a dead give-away, but if I were Vincent, I definitely wouldn’t be complaining about that.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Curves

I’m diggin’ this chick. I don’t know if she’s the type I would bring home to meet Mom, but she’s definitely the type I would like to bring home, if you know what I mean. Actually, she reminds me a LOT of my former roommate, the stripper. The only real difference is my old roomie was a bit prettier in the face and she had bigger boobs. Other than that, I might get them confused if I saw them together.

Beau’s profession required that he traveled quite a bit. So, he has girlfriends in different cities. This particular girlfriend just happens to be the only one who would some him some naughty pictures once in a while, making Beau want to return to her town ASAP. In the long run, things didn’t work out between them, but he was never that attached to her anyway. Beau says she has a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted, though. Thanks, man!

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Ex Girlfriend Horny in Hotel Room

This girl really isn’t my type, as far as going out of my way to get her attention. However, if it were the other way around and she was trying to get my attention, she would get it. At least she would get it long enough for me to get my twinkie stinky. I couldn’t make any promises if I would stick around afterward or not, or even call the next day, but I would definitely not turn her away. Then again, I would probably go that far with most women, so…

Maurice really didn’t go into details about his ex girlfriend and why they broke-up, but he did mention that these pics were shot during a wild three-day weekend they spent together, on a little trip. It was their first overnight trip together and he says she was especially horny and dirty the whole time. Of course, Maurice took advantage of the situation. Thanks for sharing!

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Mature Ex girlfriend Gets Naked at Home

I think this chick is pretty damn sexy! Yeah, she’s a bit more mature than most of the women posted here, but it’s always great to see a woman who hasn’t let herself go after she gets past her prime and perky years. She seems a bit hardened in the face in some pics, but in pictures, like pic #3, she’s a real knock-out. Plus, her tits still look really nice, she has a decent figure and that shaved pussy is looking mighty yummy!

Bob met his ex girlfriend in a bar and says, what he thought would only be a one night stand turned into a several month relationship. Not that she particularly swept him off his feet, or anything; but more like, he was just going with the flow because he didn’t have any other women in his life. Bob was under the impression that she was on the same level. She never once spoke of getting serious and their time together consisted mostly of sex. So he was a little shocked at her reaction when he broke-off the relationship. He says she took it very hard and it took him a while to shake her loose for good.

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