Tiny Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude at Home

My, my, my…what a sexy, little bod on this chick. Along with her haircut and cute, tiny face; she sort of reminds me of what an x-rated pixie would look like. Even more so in picture #2, where she’s spreading the blanket behind her, like some pixie wings. I’m thinking Peter Pan would have had a much different ending if Tinkerbell looked anything like this little cutie. Of course, he has them green tights working against him, so I’m not sure if he would’ve been able to seal the deal. And I have no idea how I got on that topic….

Andy says his 20 year old ex girlfriend was naughty, little number. For one thing, it seemed she was always nude. Not that it was always a sexual thing, she was just comfortable with her body and a bit of an exhibitionist. It drove Andy crazy, though, but in a good way. She also knew what she was doing and would tease him until he just had to have it. Andy says she never denied him sex either. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t make it work between them in the long run.

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Naked Ex Fiance Horny in Bed

Don’t you just love it when chick’s get things going on their own? There’s no trying to work up to getting her naked, or pleading for a little lovin’. She’s horny, she begins the climb to the upstairs bedroom and she’s the one getting naked and playing with her pussy. There’s nothing subtle about that at all, especially when her man is following her with camera during all this. That ain’t a bad package she’s unwrapping either; perky, little tits; a sweet ass and a moist, pink pussy just waiting to be penetrated.

Amir didn’t have much to say about his ex fiance. Just that they never made to the altar and he really doesn’t have hard feelings towards her anymore. However, he didn’t mention why they split up. Judging by most of the past submissions I can only guess what happened between them, but I’ve been wrong before, although it is very rare. ;) Thanks for sharing, Amir!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Goodies

This chick would definitely catch my attention on the street, but I don’t know if I’d be all that attracted to her unless I got to see her nude first. I mean, in my opinion, she has a very cute, little body. Judging by these pictures, she knows it, too. Girls that are over-confident are usually a turn-off for me if she were a girlfriend, but if she’s just for fun and enjoys showing it off and/or being manhandled, she’s got my vote. After you click-thru to the full gallery, you’ll notice she’s a bit of a wild one, too! :D

Alan dated his ex girlfriend for quite a while, with talks of moving in together and even marriage. However, a happy ending between the two was not in the stars. He always knew she was a bit freaky and a very sexual woman. Of course, that was one of the qualities he loved about her. She would even mess around with other girls while they were partying, but never crossed the line. When they’d watch porn together, he noticed she more frequently was reaching for the lesbian porn. Alan thought it was “hot” and didn’t think much of it at the time. But when she started spending a LOT of time with her new female friend, he began to put it all together in his head. Not as soon as he figured it out, she told him she was leaving him…for a woman. Ouch! Were you at least able to get a three-way out of it!?

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Penetrated in Bed

Damn! Does this chick look like she has a fun body, or what!? Personally, I’m not sure if I’d be attracted to her with her clothes on, but in the nude it’s a whole other story. She seems a bit shy about showing her face, but it’s that jiggly body that I’m interested in, anyway. First off, I just want to bury my face between those beautiful, soft boobs; and when it comes to that well-manicured, yummy looking pussy, I’m sure everyone else is thinking the same thing.

Neil submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend laying back, spreading her legs and getting her most precious hole penetrated by his fingers. He says that she wasn’t all that kinky or dirty, however she absolutely loved a good, hard pounding. She was a lot of fun for a while, but in the long run her constant nagging about some of his shortcomings led to their demise. As soon as the sex she gave him was no longer worth the verbal lashing she gave him, he cut her loose. Understandable, Neil. Thanks!

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Former Girlfriend Posing Nude in Bed

This chick really isn’t my type, but on the other hand I don’t find her unattractive, either. I probably wouldn’t approach her, but if I knew she was waiting nude in my bed, I would happily join her. I mean, she has a decent body and I like the fact that she’s not shy about showing-off her clean shaven holes. In my experiences, all this is a pretty good sign that she’s going to be a lot of fun in the sack.

Jimmy was with his ex girlfriend for just over a year before he was shipped off to Iraq. It’s kind of funny, because I knew exactly what was coming after I saw the words “ex girlfriend” and “Iraq” together. Yes, she was supposed to be awaiting his return, but instead was sleeping around, all the while telling him how much she loves him and how she’s saving herself for when he gets home. Of course, he didn’t find this out until he was home for a few months already, and he heard it from some acquaintances. So, he felt like a real chump about the whole ordeal. Payback’s a bitch.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked at Home

Ok, so she’s not the most beautiful girl in the world, but damn–those be some nice, natural hooters. Actually, she has a pretty nice body all-around and looks good naked, but I’m sure it’s her boobs that get her the most attention. Yes, I usually prefer women with smaller tits, but every once in a while one comes along with a big, jiggly chest that i just can’t deny. This chick is a bit on the plain side for my personal tastes, but I’m sure, even fully clothed, those jugs would be enough to get me very interested, regardless.

Warner, from Germany, submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend freshly cleaned and shaved, and posing naked for self pics at home. He was studying abroad for one semester and rarely got to see her in person during this time. Of course they chatted online and exchanged sexy pics (No offense Warner, but I hope I don’t get naked pics of you too), but as surprising as it may sound, she had a secret man on the side. Warner had no idea until almost 4 months after he returned home to her. He even gave her a second chance after hearing this news. Evidently, she couldn’t control herself, because Warner dumped her only two weeks later.

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Ex Girlfriend Masturbates with Vibrator

My GAWD! If this chick isn’t keeping one of your hands occupied right now, I think something might be wrong. After all, both her hands are quite busy, so you might as well join her the best way you can, right? Obviously, she can take care of herself if no one’s willing to join in the fun, but I think she could use something a bit bigger, or at least something to fill her other hole(s). To top it all off, not only does she have what appears to be a scrumptious, little body; but she also has a very sexy and exotic look about her. Overall, very yummy, in my opinion. :D

Aleks had the pleasure of being intimate with this horny vixen. He dated this ex girlfriend seriously for just over a year, but he says that the relationship just didn’t work out between them, in the end. It was hard for Aleks to part ways with her, because, as we can see why, he was addicted to the sex. He said he never met a girl like her, who loved porn as much as he did, as well as acting it out together. If he didn’t meet the sexually submissive woman he is dating now, Aleks feels he would still be with his ex. Thanks for sharing her with us, Aleks!

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