Cute Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked in Bed

This chick doesn’t really jump out at you as being gorgeous, but she does have a certain girl-next-door quality about her that I kind of like. And the fact that she obviously enjoys being naked makes her all the more attractive. It’s a bit strange. She looks much cuter in the last three pictures, as opposed to the first three. The body looks just as yummy, though. I’m diggin’ her natural boobs.

BluBuddha says his ex girlfriend was a real party girl. In fact, that was one of the things that initially attracted him to her, besides the obvious, of course. She was a lot of fun, loved to party and loved a good, sweaty romp even more. In the beginning of their relationship everything was perfect, but after things cooled between them BluBuddha noticed she started to get very flirtatious when they were out. After a few nights out with her girlfriends, she became even more distant. Long story short, she had been using ‘nights out with the girls’ as an excuse to see and mess around with another dude. That doesn’t sound like a woman at all! ;)

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Former Girlfriend Showing Her Holes

Looks like we caught her with a couple of days stubble, but other than that this chick is looking sexy as hell. Actually, I don’t mind stubble, or even a hairy coochie, just as long as the girl keeps it under control. Then again, with a body, like hers, I probably wouldn’t care much at all. After all, she’s doing quite well in the T&A department. And i mean that specifically! I’m loving both the “T” and the “A”.

Charlie says his ex girlfriend was a dirty one. She was a very sexual woman and one of them types to loves to please her man. According to Charlie, she did whatever it took. He stressed that when he says, “whatever it took” he means it. However, he didn’t go into any nitty-gritty details. Charlie and she had a lot of fun while it lasted, but he says that he never considered her the type of woman he could be serious about. Fair enough. Thanks, man!

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Jiggly Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

My gawd. That room looks like such a girl’s room, doesn’t it? Yuck! All the hearts and roses and crap would have probably been more appropriate for yesterday’s post (valentine’s day), but I didn’t think of that in time. Plus, I had a hot date with ‘Rosy’ yesterday. So my mind (and hands) were elsewhere. Anyway, let’s get back to the jiggly, nude girl spreading her legs and playing with her big, natural funbags. Personally, I think she looking pretty yummy in these pics. And she seems like the type of girl who truly loves sex. So I’m thinking you can’t go wrong with naughty girl, like her.

Raaf dated this ex girlfriend a couple years ago. He says she was kind of annoying, but the sex was over-the-top and he wasn’t about to give that up so easily. She was a bit on the sexually aggressive side and that was one of the things Raaf loved about her, but it had it’s drawbacks, too. She really likes the boys and if he wasn’t around, she would get it from someone else. She didn’t hide it, either. So Raaf tried to deal with it for a while, but eventually got tired of sharing her. He tried to get her to stop on several occasions, but apparently that’s just the type of girl she is. Raaf cut her loose hoping to find another girl who’s a bit more faithful.

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Horny One Night Stand on Her Back

Well, we don’t get a great look at this chick, but I’m always happy to see a sexy, young woman; naked; on her back and in a semi-orgasmic state. From what we can see, though, she looks like she’s pretty hot. For one, she appears to have a nice pair of jiggly, natural boobs. I’m always a fan of that! She also has nice hips, a shaved pussy and seems like she’s really enjoying the sex. Sounds like a great one night stand, to me!

Daniel met this sexy, little thang at a friend’s party. He said she was giving him “fuck me eyes” from across the room, so he made his move. It turned out, besides being hot, she was also pretty cool. They flirted with each other and continued getting drunk throughout the night. By the time the party ended, they were all over each other and he brought her back to his place to continue with their own little party. These pictures are from their private party. She stayed the whole night and left Danial with her phone number in the morning. He called her a couple of times, but she never returned his calls. So, he moved on.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude for Camera

Whoa! I’ve been away for a long time. Sorry dudes. It’s been a very unexpectedly hectic week, however I think we can get back to the good stuff. As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, the chick we have today is definitely “good stuff”. Other than she could use a bit more junk her in trunk, this girl is a real knock-out, in my opinion. I love when chicks have a petite body and perky tits, like hers. It’s obvious she likes to show it off, too. I mean, in my neck of the woods, we rarely get to see girls in bikinis, like in picture #3. God love the ones who are brave enough (and hot enough) to go public, like that. :D

SpaceAce says their relationship just ran it’s course, so he really has no hard feelings towards his ex girlfriend (no pun intended). She loved to pose nude or in sexy clothes and lingerie, and SpaceAce eagerly volunteered to be her photographer. So, he says he has a bunch of pics of her. He didn’t tell her he was going to submit these pictures, but he doesn’t think she would mind one bit. She loves the attention she gets from men drooling over her, but she rarely acts on it. At least, as far as SpaceAce knows. Thanks for sharing, man!

View Full Gallery HERE

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her legs

She really doesn’t fall into the ‘my type’ category, but for the most part I’m thinking she’s fairly sexy. I’m a little curious why she obviously has absolutely no problem exposing that yummy, pink snatch and not showing-off her tits. It’s always possible we happened to catch her before she got completely naked, but anytime a woman keeps her tits covered when they should be free makes me a bit suspicious of what she might be hiding. I’m also not sure why she would even wear panties when they’re crotchless, unless they’re strictly for show. Either way, they’ll work, though. I love it when I’m out with a chick and she tells me she’s not wearing panties under her skirt. The rest of our time together I’m trying to get that skirt up, or at least some appendage.

Tito submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend spreading her legs and lips for us. He dated her a couple of years ago, but didn’t have much to say about her now. Judging by the sex toys; handcuffs; thigh high stockings; shaved pussy and crotchless panties, I’m guessing she was a hell of a lot of fun! Perhaps a little too wild for own good, if those crayon drawings represent her offspring. Then again I don’t see any physical signs on her that says she may actually be a MILF. It doesn’t matter to me, though. All signs are pointing to the fact that she would be a great roll in the hay. Thanks Tito!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Strips Nude at Home

My gawd! What a gorgeous, young woman! From what I can see, I would say this chick has a perfect body. Of course, that’s not taking that wretched tattoo into consideration. I mean, what the hell is that supposed to mean? is that words she lives by, or is that a message for the men (or women) about to go down on her? Again, I wouldn’t hold that against her because, she’s just too damn fine. I’m fairly certain she’s fully aware of that, too.

Luckily for Will, his ex girlfriend had the sex drive to back-up that sinful bod, of hers. He met her at the beach, so he got a sneak preview of what she was packing underneath. He didn’t waste any time getting her digits and ultimately asking her out. Six months later they were a pretty serious couple with even talks about tying the knot. Then Will had to go to another state for job training for two weeks. To make a long story short, when he returned he discovered she had been messing around with another dude while Will was gone. He said he was crushed at first, but that turned into anger and he cut her loose for good.

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