Horny Ex Wife Removing Her Panties

One of my all time favorite things is when a woman is pulling her panties down. Mainly because, it usually means I’m about to get lucky and she’s a willing participant, and that’s always a very exciting time for me. This chick over -does-it a bit on the make-up, in my opinion, but overall she ain’t too shabby at all. It’s nice to see a slightly older woman that takes care of herself.

Jim submitted these pics of his ex wife removing her panties, giving him easier access to the goodies. He never had any complaints about her in the sex department. He says she was dirty girl and went out of her way to keep him satisfied. Unfortunately, she was a bit of a “gold digger”. She had horrible spending habits, according to Jim, and it eventually wore him down to the point where he had to divorce her. She ended up getting a lot of his loot in the settlement, but he thinks it was cheaper to divorce her than to continue the marriage with her spending. Yikes! She must have really went all-out!

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Former Girlfriend Lays Naked in Bed

Having the time to study this chick’s face, she really isn’t my type. Her body, on the other hand, is a completely different story. I would have a hard time (no pun intended) keep my hands off of her. Especially if she likes to get naked as much as she does in these pics. The Florida Gators top tells me she’s probably a party girl and since she’s also sporting no pants, that tells me she’s no prude.

Max dated his ex girlfriend a few years back, but he had some naked pictures of her laying around and she still pissed him off. So why not share them with us, right!? He really didn’t go into detail about her sexual prowess, or his, for that matter. But judging by the fact that some of these pics were taken at different dates, she’s a girl who likes to get naked in front of her man and that’s always a good sign. Plus, she ended up cheating on Max with a basketball player, so we also know that she’s not above getting some action for herself, on the side. Thanks, Max!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, everyone. The holiday took up more of my time than I anticipated. So, why not get things started again with some big, natural, fantastic boobies and the sexy, young woman who is attached them. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman to be a worse decorator. Lucky for her, she looks pretty damn good in the nude, which kind of balances everything out her lack of taste. Evidently, she’s not shy about shedding her clothes for the camera, so that’s a very good sign that she would be a fun date. Plus, for some reason I’ve always dug the leg warmers over the high heels look. Or maybe I just miss the 80’s. :D

Trevor dated his ex girlfriend for a brief time. It’s obvious what attracted him to her and he says she lived-up to everything he thought she would be, but that meant both the good and the bad. Yes, the sex was dirty and great, like Trevor was the star of his personal porno flick, but she also was very weak when it came to men. She had a hard time saying, “no”. Unfortunately for Trevor, she didn’t show her true colors until he was already falling for her. It was a tough decision, but he ended it after he found out about a few other emn she had on the side.

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Ample Ex Girlfriend Poses for Self Pics

She looks like she’s having a great time posing, doesn’t she? I love it when girls are that confident about their nude bodies and so willing to show it off. Especially when they’re as hot as this chick! I’m loving every bit of what she’s showing us; from her full, firm boobies down to her succulent, round ass. Even the slight belly works for her. However, she’s still fairly young, so let’s just hope she doesn’t let herself blow up, because with her body type, that could happen very easily if she lets it.

This is Brandon’s ex girlfriend from a couple years ago. He says she was an awesome girlfriend for the most part, but just like most relationships, it just didn’t work out between them in the end. There was no cheating going on that he knew of, but she sure was a wild one. It was one the qualities that Brandon loved about her, but he believes she would have been trouble if it ever got really serious between them. For one thing, she knew how good she looked and used that to her advantage. Plus, she was a huge flirt and loved male attention. That would have drove him crazy if he was serious about her. He still had a few pics from when they were dating, though, so he decided to share them with us. Thanks, Brandon!

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Former Girlfriend Spreads Her Lips

This chick definitely looks much better all made-up, but I don’t think she would get much attention from me if I saw her on the street, or wherever. However, if I knew she was sportin’ this magnificent, little body underneath her clothing, I wouldn’t waste anytime getting to know her. Not only does she have a great set of all-natural boobs, but that little pussy is incredible! Tight and yummy! :mrgreen:

This submission is a bit different than what we’re used to here. See, Mina’s current boyfriend used to date this particular Danish girl. One day while she was on her boyfriend’s computer, digging thru his music collection, she came across a bunch of dirty pics of her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. Needless to say, she was pissed! Apparently, he had broken-up with the Danish girl a while ago, but she began to contact him again, sending him naked pictures of herself, reminding him what he could so easily have again. Mina and her boyfriend got into a big argument over this matter, but they eventually reconciled. Now, Mina wants a little revenge on her for trying to tempt her man.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude on the Sofa

What a little cutie! I know I’ve said it many times before, but I just love petite girls, like this. In reality, I’m thinking she’s a bit young for me, but that wouldn’t stop me from joining her in some sofa nudity if the opportunity arose. I mean, she’s pretty damn cute and she’s looking pretty damn good in the nude. Those are important qualities in a girl. And the fact that she so unwaveringly removes her clothing to reveal that hot, little bod makes her all the better.

Spencer submitted these pics of his 19 year old ex girlfriend stripping off her clothes and and posing nude on the sofa. He met her at the local public swimming pool one summer. He says she was looking smoking-hot in her little bikini, so he introduced himself to her and had a date with the next night. Spencer already got a nice sneak preview of that body at the pool, and he wanted her very badly. So he wasn’t shy about coming on strong. Yes, he it that same night, but she left an impression on him and he wanted more. Spencer was never that interested in her as a serious girlfriend, but he stuck it out for about six months, before he cut her loose. He says, the relationship had just run it’s course.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Strips and Spreads ‘Em

I’m not finding myself particularly attracted to this chick however, if she were to tempt me by wearing no pants and high heels, she definitely would move up a few points in my book. I know she’s rubbing and fingering her puss in a lot of these pictures, but I still like pic #3 best. I think she’s looking especially sexy there, like something out of poster you would hang on your toolbox. Ok, so she’s a bit older than your typical poster girl, but she obviously takes good care of herself.

Chris really dug his ex girlfriend. He wasn’t in love with her, or anything, but he was happy with her as a girlfriend. Besides the obvious, she was a very sexual woman and was always up for getting naked whenever and wherever. Even when she wasn’t in the mood, she never denied him entry when Chris was in the mood. Unfortunately, he had to call-off their relationship when he moved quite a distance away. Thanks, Chris!

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