Former Girlfriend Naked at Home

She’s a bit on the plain and average for my personal tastes, but that wouldn’t stop me from hopping into the shower, or in the backseat with her. After all, she DOES have a fun looking set of natural fun bags on her, and judging by these pictures she’s not afraid to get naked with the lights on, or in the backseat of a car in the middle of the day. She could use a little manicuring between her legs, but overall not too shabby at all.

Hunky submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing naked for him at different times. He didn’t include a break-up story about her, but he did happen to mention what a horn-dog she was. It was not abnormal for her to shed her clothes on a whim and begin to attack his zipper. Of course, Hunky is not complaining, but evidently something happened between the two, otherwise she probably wouldn’t be posted here. Thanks for sharing, Hunky!

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Ex Girlfriend Spreading Her Lips

I just can’t deny the fact that I love it when women are so willing and proud to spread their legs open wide. As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, her legs aren’t the only thing she’s spreading, either. She’s definitely the type of woman who has experience in the sack, and judging by all the piercings and and body art, she’s also a woman who likes to show-off in the nude. Sounds like a winner to me! :D

Stu didn’t necessarily consider her an actual girlfriend, but more of a regular booty-call. He says she was already in a committed relationship with an older, sugar-daddy type and Stu was her secret younger boy toy. So apparently her other relationship wasn’t all that ‘committed’. Stu didn’t care though, because she was a “very dirty girl” and it only took a quick phone call to get some naughty sex. I can’t say I would blame you, Stu. Thanks!

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked and Clean

I can see where this chick would be cute when she’s all dolled-up, but she also looks pretty damn sexy when she’s completely naked, too. Personally, I kind of like smaller tits, but we don’t get to see much of her chest anyway. I’m also really diggin’ that little pooper of hers. I’m an ass-man, so It would be nice to see a bit more junk in her trunk, in my opinion. However, I wouldn’t be able to resist her in the ass-up/face-down position, as in picture #6. Yum!

Ramrod (as in, “Team Ramrod”?) says his ex girlfriend was a little freak in the bedroom. She wasn’t at all shy about being naked with the lights on, or taking what she wanted from Ramrod when she was feeling horny. Even better, Ramrod claims she had no restrictions on any of her entrances; something he took full advantage of. He says the fire began to burn out and they started to fall into relationship mode. That’s where Ramrod decided to get out. He says he prefers to keep his women fresh.

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Former Girlfriend Comfortably Nude

I think this chick is kind of pretty. I mean, for candid pics where she’s completely unprepared and not really posing, she looks fairly hot. Already, them long eyelashes and pointy, erect nipples got me a bit worked-up. The little teaser shot of her pussy just leaves me wanting to explore further. Plus, she’s obviously somewhat comfortable being nude which is one of those qualities I wish more women possessed.

Nels, from Sweden, submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend nude at home. Aren’t Swedish women known for their promiscuity? Or is that just a myth? Anyway, Nels didn’t have much to include with this photo series, or why they are no longer a couple. He just said that these were a few pics he snapped during their relationship. Promiscuous or not, she looks like she would be a lot of fun to be naked with!

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Naughty Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

I don’t know if this chick would get my attention with her clothes on, but if I met her like she is in these pics, I would definitely want to be knowing her on a much more intimate level. That tight bod of hers is just smokin’, in my opinion. We could use a few nice ass shots, not to mention the obvious snatch shot. I’m not really complaining, though. I have a pretty good idea the rest of her assets are just as nice. Plus, the hanging picture of ‘Grandad’ on the wall kind of makes me laugh.

This is Dodger’s ex girlfriend posing nude, looking sexy and trying to portray an expression of innocence. I’m always a sucker for the whole “innocence” thang. Apparently, Dodger was too. He says that was all part of her game to get what she wanted and it worked like a charm on him. Of course, the sex was amazing and also a major factor in her hold on Dodger. After she bled his bank account dry and immediately became distant, he finally figured out what was going on. When he was breaking-it-off with her, he says she really didn’t even seem to mind. Dodger suspects she was already moving in on her next victim.

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Ex Girlfriend Spreading on a Stool

This little chickie is pretty cute. I love women with her body type; the small, perky tits, the round, firm ass. Yummy! She could get chunky, though, if she isn’t careful. I’m already seeing elbow dimples. No cause for alarm just yet. She’s looking damn good for the moment. I definitely wouldn’t mind being the one to push in her stool (pun intended).

Steve submitted these pics of his cute, petite ex girlfriend spreading her legs on a stool. He says she was in no way a prude, either, if the pictures didn’t already insinuate that for you. They were dating seriously for five years, but Steve stumbled across her journal and discovered that she had slept with five different dudes in the last two months of their relationship. He didn’t have to mull over the fact that she was going to get dumped. It was a no brainer. She still calls him, though; and she even still sends him nude pics of herself to try and tempt him back. It ain’t working, though. Thanks for sharing, Steve! She sounds like she deserves to be posted here.

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Former Girlfriend Enjoying Meat

As you can see, we don’t get any great views of her. It’s acceptable because, she’s too busy getting drilled to try and look pretty for the camera. However, from pic #1 you can tell that she does have a pretty face. It just happens to be a bit flush and contorted during this photo shoot. Her beautiful, rock-hard nipples just tell me she’s really diggin’ it, too.

Terry submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend enjoying his slab of meat. He says she was actually a really fun girlfriend; she loved to party and she always seemed perpetually horny. That’s all Terry needs in a woman. She never cheated on him, that he’s aware or suspicious of, but he was moving to another state and decided it was going to be a solo mission. She didn’t take it lightly, either. What could have been a clean break, was turned into a nightmare by her, according to Terry. I’m not sure exactly what he means by that, but I’ll take his word for it. Thanks, Terry!

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude in Shower

Personally, pictures of nude girls in the shower or tub really don’t do much for me. Even the shower shows at raunchy strip clubs do nothing for me, besides the fact that there’s a beautiful nude woman rubbing her hands all over her body in ecstasy. In other words, I’d take it over a fully clothed woman any day. This girl is pretty cute and she has a sexy bod, so I’d be happy to take-in a shower show with her. Maybe even a little private encore, as well. ;)

Doug says he and his ex girlfriend split-up only because it the fire fizzled out eventually, but during happier times she was a real wild one. She always played coy, but she was initiating sex way more than Doug. She had a very talented mouth and tongue that he just couldn’t say, “no” to. After about a year or so, he finally began to develop a tolerance so he could finally break-up with her.

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