Busty Ex Girlfriend Lays Naked in Bed

I think most of you would agree, what really stands out on this chick are them big, natural boobies. I’m not usually much of a tit man, but I’m really diggin’ this girl’s. She has a bit of a different look than what I’m accustomed to, but I think she’s kind of cute, all the same. Plus, that well-kept pussy is looking snug and mighty inviting. *mouth watering*

Stjepan, all the way from Croatia, submitted these pictures of what I’m assuming is his ex girlfriend. His message to me was rather short and broken English, but that’s ok, because it’s the hot, naked woman laying in bed with her legs spread who’s important here. I don’t recall ever knowingly posting a Croatian girl here before, so thanks for adding to the mix, Stjepan!

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Dirty Ex Wife Naked and Cuffed

If I saw this chick with her clothes on I don’t think I would guess what a sexy body she’s hiding, and I would definitely never peg her for being such a dirty girl behind close doors. That just pushes her up a few notches in my book. Especially since it appears she’s a three-input gal, and judging by these pics I would gladly fill any and all of them for her.

Baldie was married to this naughty honey for a brief period of time. He says he got hitched to his ex wife way too quickly; a decision he admits he made with the wrong head. After a year of marriage he was miserable, but he tried to stick it out hoping it was just a rough patch. Little did he know, she had already given up on the marriage and was full swing in another relationship behind his back. Baldie was more upset about the time he invested more than her cheating, but it was over, anyway.

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Former Girlfriend Naked on the Floor

This chick definitely has a cute body and is doing some sexy poses, but it seems she’s hiding a bit too much from us. What gives!? Ladies, when your posing naked for the guy that you’ll only be dating for a few months, please make sure you give him some good, revealing shots. After the break-up, in the coming months, when he’s inevitably spreading the pictures across the internet, we want to see ALL the goods. ‘Kay? I mean, if you’ve gone this far, you mine as well go the distance. :P

Rich says his ex girlfriend was a bit younger than him, so he wasn’t expecting a whole lot from her in the “relationship” department. In fact, he wasn’t expecting her to be as interested in him as she was. What Rich thought was just a lucky one night stand with a younger hottie, turned into a little relationship. It didn’t last very long, but he says it was a lot of fun while it lasted. Thanks, Rich!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Topless

Wow! What a hot body on this sexy, little thang! There’s not even one thing about her I can single out as liking the best. I mean, she has a cute figure; a sexy, round ass; and beautiful, all-natural boobs. I usually prefer brunettes, but then again, I’ve never turned a woman away because of her hair color. Girls like her, when they’re posing naked, you almost don’t even notice her face. All I’m seeing is a platinum blonde with a sexy, natural body. :D

Jorn had a seriously relationship with his ex girlfriend a couple years ago. She was his first love and I’m sure her taking off her clothes in front of him the first time was a precursor to that. Not to mention, he says she was “very experimental” in the bedroom. He was crushed when he found out she was seeing someone else on the sly. Jorn says it wasn’t so much that she was sleeping with another dude, but that she was sneaking around behind his back. She even denied it when he confronted her, but she eventually caved and told him the truth. The he was gone.

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Sexy Ex Wife Posing Nude at Home

Damn. She’s pretty sexy, and especially for her age! I hope I’m lucky enough to have a woman that looks this good when I’m in my 50’s. I would gladly join her between the sheets even now, despite our age difference. As always, I’m not a lover of boob jobs, but as I, myself, age I’m learning more and more why aging women want to get their tits done. I’m becoming more accepting of it, because sometimes the alternative is worse. Especially if it’s important to them to look good in the nude. Now I just keep my fingers crossed that they choose their plastic surgeons wisely.

Charles and his ex wife always had a very active sex life and fairly loving relationship; at least for most of their time together. He says the last few years together she would go on these extravagant spending sprees, overextending their budget. This, and this alone, caused very heated arguments. Long story, short; this eventually led to their demise.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

There’s not much about a busty, leggy babe with a pretty face that isn’t attractive. Of course, those massive mammaries appear to have the help of silicone, or whatever they’re filling boobs with these days. Personally, I prefer the real deal when it comes to breasteses, but that would never be a reason to deny a woman. Especially if she has long, sexy legs leading to a smooth, pretty pussy such as this chick’s.

What makes Grimm’s ex girlfriend even hotter is that she’s currently a nursing student. I’m one of them accident prone type people, and I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals. Not ONCE have I ever had an attractive nurse! Yet, strangely, the sexually depraved nurse fantasy lives on. Grimm didn’t say if they played doctor (or nurse) while they were together, but after only several months of dating, she left him for “some arrogant punk who drives a Mercedes”.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude in Mirror

It really looks like this cutie is trying to hide her face in some pictures, while in others she doesn’t seem to care much. I wish she wouldn’t hide her face though. From what I can see she looks like she’s pretty cute! She definitely has a hot body, which always makes a cute more sexy. So maybe it’s her nude body influencing a face we can barely see.

Picasso submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend posing nude for self pics in the mirror. I just wanted to clear that up in case you haven’t figured out what’s going on in the pictures yet. He didn’t have much to say about her, but it seems like she’s proud of herself in the nude, and she should be proud. I’m guessing that getting her out of her clothes to put-out was not the problem. Thanks for sharing her pics, though, Picasso!

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Horny Ex Wife Lays Naked in Bed

It’s kind of hard to get an honest look at this chick’s face in these pictures, because she’s a bit filled-up at the moment. As most of you know, sex faces can look a bit funny or weird sometimes, while at mid-coitus. So, you really can’t judge a person by how they look, or even what they say, while in that position(s). What I do know for sure is, I after seeing these pics, I wouldn’t mind a crack at her, myself. ;)

This is Armon’s ex wife laying back and getting boned. Unfortunately, this is not the bed they share, nor is it Armon slipping her the shaft. His computer was down one day, so he used his then wife’s laptop. Long story, short; there he found a secret folder of with pics of her engaged in sex with another man. Ouch! When Armon confronted her, she could not deny it. They were divorced a short time later.

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