Sexy Ex Wife Laying Naked in Bed

What can I really say about this chick that isn’t obvious in these pics? I mean, we have a sexy, naked woman with all the right equipment laying naked in bed. Plus, my kryptonite is a woman’s beautiful hiney, so her in the face-down position is how I usually prefer them anyway. Unfortunately, she looks likes she’s more interested in whatever she’s chomping on rather than getting into the mood.

This is Bill’s ex wife that’s posing naked in bed for us. He says they had an above average sex life for the most part. There was never a problem in that department, until they got married. Bill said that she changed into a completely different woman after they tied the knot. His once fun and sexy girlfriend, became his serious and cold wife. He tried to work it out with her, but all she did was respond with, “You need to grow up.” She didn’t put up too much a fight when he asked for a divorce either. Good riddance to her I say, Bill. And thanks for the pics!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

I can see why this chick is so willing to lift her skirt for the camera. That’s a pussy to be proud of! Actually, she should be proud of whole package, because her boobs and especially her tight, little ass look just as pristine. I wouldn’t necessarily place her in the ‘beautiful’ category, but she’s definitely sexy as hell, in my opinion, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second at a shot with her.

Sasha says his ex girlfriend was just as horny and willing as she looks in these pictures. They broke-up about a year ago when she decided to move-on to another man. Sasha was more upset that he would no longer be getting a piece of that, rather than the relationship being over, but he did kind of like her. He heard a rumor that she’s pregnant with some guy’s baby now, but he’s not sure if those rumors are true or not. Thanks, Sasha! She looks yummy!

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Ex Girlfriend Naked in Bedroom

Another cute, girl-next-door type posing in the buff for us. I really like this chick’s all-natural tits, and it seems like she knows just how nice her chest is. There are not many women who so proudly display a rack they are not proud of. That’s ok, though, because everyone appreciates pretty titties; even other woman. The girl these boobs are attached to ain’t too shabby either, which always makes a topless girl that much hotter.

Dom says the relationship with his ex girlfriend started out as more of an on-again-off-again sexual thing, usually ending up with each other at the end of a Friday or Saturday night, if they didn’t meet someone else. She began to lay it on thick, though, and Dom knew she was trying to work her way in as his official girlfriend. He wasn’t into it at first, but after a while she broke him down and he gave-in. Almost as soon as he committed to her, he found she was out and underneath another dude on the sly. Or, at least she thought she was slick. He admits, he should have known better.

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude in Mirror

I know these pics aren’t of the highest quality. I tried to clean them up as much as possible, but that flash in the mirror really screws up the coloring & lighting. She was just too cute to pass-up, though, and I’m diggin’ that voluptuous, little body of hers. She looks jiggly and fun, and she’s obviously not shy about showing herself off. She’ll probably blow-up when she gets older if she doesn’t watch herself, but for now she’s looking very yummy.

Some girls send love notes, while Howie’s ex girlfriend would send him nude pictures of herself; something that seemingly is becoming the norm these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining or anything. It’s making the world an easier place to live. We should fight our wars with nude women. Whose ever got the hottest piece of ass wins! Ok, I got off track a bit, but Howie didn’t mention why they broke-up anyway. I’m glad he shared her pics with us, though!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Playing with Herself

I’m not sure what to make of this chick. I think she’s sexy as hell, but she’s not the typical woman I would normally be attracted to. I like her face and her pretty eyes, but she doesn’t have the body type I prefer. That wouldn’t stop me, though. She has that look in her eye that says, “You. Me. Naked. Now.” Plus, her pussy looks oh so yummy.

David submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend playing and fondling herself for the camera. He says she was a lot of fun and a real party girl, and she loved anything that had to do with sex. It was a very important part of her lifestyle and David was loving reaping all the benefits of her borderline nymphomania. Well, most of the benefits anyway. Apparently, he wasn’t the only guy attempting to satisfy her feminine desires. It didn’t bother him all that much until it started cutting into his own time with her. David eventually got tired of dealing with her reindeer games and cut her loose. Thanks, David!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Under Her Skirt

Personally, I think this chick is very sexy and super cute. In some of the pics, I’m sensing a sexual confidence about her, while in other pics she appears to have a look of innocence; which is also hot. Especially when she’s nude and spreading her legs. Obviously, these were taken at different times, so maybe she was once innocent and our submitter corrupted her over time.

Percibel didn’t mention if he was the one responsible for bringing her to new sexual heights, but he did say she was a sexy, little firecracker. He says she’s pretty outgoing and definitely not a prude in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. Unfortunately, some other dude lured her away from Percibel by seducing her with lavish gifts and dollar signs. It wasn’t long until he was totally out of the picture.

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Nude Ex Girlfriend Covered in Wax

I admit it. I really don’t understand the whole dripping-candle-wax fetish. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right? She seems to be a very willing participant, both under the wax and showing-off her beautiful, shaved cooch. Now, a shaved pussy fetish is something I can get on-board with. I don’t mind a little grass on the playing field, but personally I prefer to put my mouth on something soft and clean.

QC really didn’t have a lot to say about his ex girlfriend, except that she was always a good sport when it came to mixing things up in the bedroom. I think that’s pretty evident from these pics, because she doesn’t have the same frown so many of these girls here display while posing nude. QC says it just didn’t work out in the long run, but they had a good run. Thanks for sharing, man!

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