Horny Ex Girlfriend Masturbates in Bed

Sorry, dudes. The previous submitter had a change of heart & asked me to remove the pics of his ex girlfriend. Which reminds me, for anyone who submits their own photos, please be sure you want to do this before you submit. Or at the very least, contact me before they are posted to tell me you changed your mind. This happens quite a bit, so it’s no problem. It’s when they are already posted that makes it a real pain to remove.

Anyway, I really didn’t get a story with these series of pics. Edward just stated that she is, in fact, his ex girlfriend during one of her many naughty moments. Personally, she’s not really the type of girl I would pursue; but any woman laying on her back naked, spread-eagle and with a makeshift dildo buried in her cooch is enough to catch my interest. I would only be lying if I said I wouldn’t readily assist her in reaching her goal. ;) Thanks Edward!

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Former Girlfriend Waking-Up Naked

Personally, Asian women usually don’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I have anything against Asians. The attraction just usually isn’t there. However, this chick is just beautiful, in my opinion. She has a soft, pretty face and a body that just won’t quit. I’m loving her curvy hips and full, firm tits. If she has an ass to match her body, like I think she does, I’m sure she’s turning heads wherever she goes.

Dolomite was able to get a few pics in while his ex girlfriend was waking-up naked in bed. He says he kind of ambushed her with the camera, catching her off-guard, but as you can see she had no problem going along with it. She knew how pretty she was, so she had no problem striking a pose. Dolomite said that it just did not work out between them in the end, but she will definitely be one of the more significant notches in his bedpost.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Strips Nude in Bed

Don’t worry, the pictures get better as you click-thru to the full gallery. Even before I got to the nude pics, I was already quite impressed. She’s definitely a cutie and I’m lovin’ her sexy, little bod. Actually, I’m mainly referring to her hot, tight ass. That’s what stands out most to me about this chick. If it weren’t for her shapely, little pooper, I might not be as attracted to her.

Kyle submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend stripping nude out of some sort of Pochahontas-type costume. He didn’t mention why, though. I’m just wondering if Kyle is dressed in pilgrim costume doing some kinky role-playing thang with her. He didn’t say what the deal with that was. Actually, he didn’t say much about her at all; just that she broke his heart. That could mean anything. Thanks for sharing, Kyle!

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Exotic Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

Sorry, dudes. My wonderful, monopoly-holding ISP has been acting up again, leaving me with no Internet connection for almost two days. I’m surprised I was able to connect today. But I’m going to try and accomplish as much as I can here, before my connection fizzles out again.

I really dig exotic looking women. Besides the obvious, I think it’s their untraditional beauty that I’m attracted to, or maybe it’s because I expect them to bring a little extra something into the bedroom. Whatever the case, this chick is definitely one of the sexy ones. She may be a bit on the skinny side, but I’m loving those long legs! I just wish we got a rear view when she’s in the ass-up, doggy-style position.

SoFresh snapped these pics of his very sexy and exotic ex girlfriend posing nude in bed for him, or at least on the pull-out sofa. He says she had no sexual hangups or issues about being nude. For her, it was as natural as the sun coming up every morning. Of course, this is what SoFresh loved about her. However, this also meant that she wasn’t necessarily a one-man type of gal. SoFresh wanted her to only be with him and to stop sleeping with other men, but apparently she wasn’t ready to save herself for only him. He says he couldn’t take sharing her any longer, so he had to cut her loose.

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Former Girlfriend Gets Naked at Home

This chick looks like the type that if you got her home, you would be getting some, for sure. Not that that’s a bad thing. I mean, she has a cute body and looks pretty sexy naked. Plus, I would think that any girl with the word, “pornography” tattooed anywhere on her body, could easily be convinced into getting naked in bed. I bet she’s a hell of a lot of fun, too!

Kevin met his ex girlfriend at a party and ended-up nailing her that same night. He says she just rocked his world that night and he was hooked after that. She’s a highly sexual girl, too. Kevin said she has a drawer full of sex toys and decent sized collection of porn she watches regularly. This only increased her desire for the real deal and Kevin was more than happy to oblige anyway he could. Their relationship eventually ran it’s course, but Kevin won’t be forgetting her anytime soon. No girl has been able to live up to her sexual performance yet.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Horny in Hotel

I can easily see how this petite, blonde turns heads, judging by the first picture. I don’t know if it’s her make-up, bad lighting, or what; but despite her being completely naked, she’s not really doing anything for me, personally. Don’t get me wrong, though; I’m diggin’ her sexy, little body. If I didn’t have to put any effort into getting there, I would happily join her for a romp between the sheets.

Dusty snapped these pics of his ex girlfriend in pre- and mid-coitus during a vacation they took together. He says it was one of those types of vacations where they spent most of their time humping in the hotel room. It was great and he felt he had no choice but to photo document some of their sexual adventures. Dusty said he would send in more pics of her if you guys like these. However, he didn’t mention why she is now his ex.

Picture #7

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Sultry Ex Girlfriend Naughty and Nude

Awwwww yeah! I’ve been looking forward to posting this hottie. She’s just so sexy in so many ways, she’s giving me a nut-ache. I’m sensing she knows this, too because, as you can see, she’s definitely not shy about showing off a body built for screwing. I mean, she has a beautiful, natural rack; a clean, pretty pussy and what I think to be a gorgeous face. Not only that, but she’s obviously a bit on the dirty side. Beautiful women whom love sex. It just don’t get no better!

Davizzo submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend posing nude for self pics. He didn’t leave us with any background info, but he DID send me a shit load of pics. There were way too many to post, so I picked out what I thought to be the very best. We still have a rather large post compared to most here and trust me when I say, the full gallery gets much more graphic. Thanks for sharing, Davizzo. She’s been added as one of my favorite top 10 girls posted here! :D

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Ex Girlfriend Oils-Up Her Naked Body

I love it when women oil-up their bodies. It doesn’t happen very often outside of porn or some kind of naughty, all-girl wrestling match; but when it does happen, it’s very hot. It’s even better when she has a curvy, all-natural body that’s just begging to be felt-up and fondled. This chick’s beautiful body is a perfect example of just that. I mean, imagine having the honors of greasing them big boobies. Sounds like an action packed evening to me. ;)

Matt submitted these pictures of his slippery ex girlfriend quite a while ago, actually. I’ve been a bit behind on submissions lately, so sometimes good submissions get lost in the shuffle. He would have liked to get his revenge much earlier, too. She ended up severing what he thought to be a serious, committed relationship for some new douche bag, just because he has money. Matt got little say in the ordeal and was completely blindsided by her decision. I can see why he would want her posted here.

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