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One of the reasons I don’t particularly enjoy surfing thumbnail gallery posts is, because when you click on the link, or thumbnail, you never know what you are getting, or where you are going to go. In most cases, you just end up being sent to another thumbnail gallery post and go thru the whole ordeal all over again; never quite being able to see the porn you really want to, if at all.

Roughly a year ago, I opened a new free site called, Your Porno Space, that indexes almost 2,000,000 (that’s two million for you non-math folk) FREE video and picture galleries, in just about every porn niche and fetish imaginable. Not only that, but there are constantly fresh, new porn galleries being added regularly. There’s no blind links to other sites, no pop-ups and absolutely no tricks. What you click-on is what you will get. You will definitely find something you’ll like there. It’s a great site to bookmark and save for a rainy day, a lonely drunken night, or any other day you feel the need for a round of the 5-knuckle shuffle.

To get you started, I thought you might want to check out the homemade sex videos section.

Ex Girlfriend Models Her New Hat

This girl is kind of cute when she’s smiling. The forced sexy look isn’t working for her, in my opinion. Plus, I’m not sure what the deal is with her hat. It’s distracting, but not so distracting where I’m not noticing that hot, nude body of hers. I’m diggin’ what she’s flaunting, in other words. I know iut’s normal for most girls to have one boob slightly bigger than the other, but it looks like one of this girl’s tits is quite larger than the other. It could be just the angle she’s at. Personally, that doesn’t bother me really. Just seeing if I’m crazy or if anyone else noticed it too.

Jim really didn’t leave us with a story except saying that, these pictures were shot one time when he and his ex girlfriend were messing around with the camera one day. So he didn’t mention that she was screwing a couple of dudes behind his back, or that she preferred freaky circus sex; but that’s what I’m going to assume. ;)

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Waits for Penetration

What can I say about this girl? She looks like your typical cute, petite alterna-chick. I live in a “artsy” type of neighborhood, so chicks like this are a dime a dozen. Don’t get me wrong, though. I still like ‘em. What’s not to like? This girl is pretty cute; she has a nice, petite figure; cute tits and what appears to be a tight, little ass. Not to mention that girls, like her, are usually a lot more open-minded sexually.

Stephen says his ex girlfriend was a real wild one. She was one of them girls that came from a good, wealthy family, but she hated the ‘good girl’ image she had as a result. So, naturally, she rebelled. That’s why she was with a guy, like Stephen. He helped her become the “bad girl she wanted to be”. Eventually, her promiscuity and wild ways got way out of hand, even for Stephen. He tried not to let it get to him, but it did and he had to cut her loose.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

I usually don’t like short hair on women, but it seems to work for this horny, little European hottie. It gives her a bit of wild, sexy look, but she really doesn’t need too much help in that department. I love her perky tits and she looks like she has the type of ass I can’t help but to bite on, and she looks like the type of gal that would welcome it. I don’t think I really need to point out how yummy her pussy looks, either.

S4F-82, from Italy, submitted these hot pics of his evidently hot and horny ex girlfriend spreading her legs for us. He didn’t really leave us with any info about her or their time together, but I DO know that these pictures were shot over time. My point being that, she’s a bit on the freaky side quite often. This wasn’t just a one-time deal where S4F-82 duped her into some nudie “art” poses. That’s an important quality in a woman. ;) Thanks for sharing!

View Full Gallery HERE

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

I’m really diggin’ this chick. Especially them cute, perky tits of hers. But she really has a nice body and cute shape all over. I’m just wondering if she does any kind of naughty tricks with that lollipop she’s slurping on. What is it about a cute, nude girl sucking on a lollipop that’s so sexy, anyway? Or am I alone on this one? Lolli or not, I would be a happy man to be on the other end of the camera, or better yet, on the other end of her. ;)

Tazman submitted these pictures of his very sexy ex girlfriend nude and sucking at home. He says that he dated her a couple years back, so there’s really no hard feelings anymore about how she messing around with another dude behind his back. Tazman likes to show her off, though, for obvious reasons. Plus, he says he hasn’t been able to find a girl to match her beauty yet. So he keeps her pics around for “personal use”. I’m thinking I might have to do the same. Thanks, Tazman!

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Former Girlfriend Masturbates with Brush

Now these are some hot self pics. It’s a rarity when a girl understands the importance of snapping pictures using maximum arm distance. So many self shooters can never get a good shot of their own pussy, but this jiggly cutie seems to know what she’s doing. I mean, picture #8 is great! It’s giving me a stiffy. But really she looks pretty damn sexy in all the pics.

Raymond and his ex girlfriend had a long distance relationship. They did get a chance to hook-up during holidays and anytime college was out of session, but they kept some spice going by having a lot of cyber sex. These are some of his favorite pics of her, because she “looks so sexy”. Unfortunately, Raymond returned home from school one holiday and discovered that she had another dude she was sleeping with on the side. He was pretty upset, but at the same time, the long distance thing was really tough.

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Ex Girlfriend Modeling Her Big Boobs

Day-Yum! Now dem some big ol’ funbags. She could make a fortune as a stripper; or really any job in the flesh trade. I bet she has men lining up just for the slightest chance that hey may get their hands on her big natural boobs. Not only are they huge, but they’re also firm, not too veiny and very nicely shaped. Plus, it appears they are sitting on fairly petite frame, which makes them even more attractive, in my opinion. It’s hard to tell the what the rest of the package is like, but based purely on her boobies, I wouldn’t mind having a crack at getting naked with her.

Mack didn’t say why he and his ex girlfriend broke-up, but he did happen to mention that he’s a boob man. He says that a girl with a big natural chest makes his “balls ache”. His words, not mine. Evidently, his ex knew that since her breasteses are the main focus of these self pics she sent him. Thanks for sharing them, er her, with us, Mack!

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Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Lingerie

She’s a bit thick for my usual tastes, but definitely not so thick where I would run the other way if she wanted me naked and in the bedroom. She carries her thickness very well, too. I mean, when she’s laying on her back you can barely even tell. And if it were me, she would probably be spending most of her time in that position anyway, or at least in the horizontal position.

Ratchet submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend removing her lingerie in bed. He says that it wasn’t really a nasty break-up, or anything. She wanted marriage, but Ratchet has never and will never be marriage material. He really liked her, but she wasn’t willing to accept being a non-married couple. So, eventually it was splitsville.

Picture #7

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