Horny Ex Girlfriend Ready to Go

I must admit, I wouldn’t mind having this little cutie crawling up between my legs with both her tits and tongue hanging out. She’s not the type of girl I would actively seek out, but she looks like she would be a lot fun, both in and out of the bedroom. I mean, in this picture series, she appears to know exactly what she wants and isn’t hesitating in taking action. You just got to love a sexually aggressive woman.

Justin says he snapped these pics of his ex girlfriend one of many drunken, horny nights. He really dug her, but he always suspected that she wasn’t a one-man type of girl. On the other hand, she was always whispering in his ear on how he needs to let her in, because she might be ‘the one’. It just so happens that, as soon as she talked him into letting his guard down was about the same time as Justin discovered she had been sleeping with someone else behind his back. Ouch! So much for her being ‘the one’.

Picture #7

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Waiting for Protein

Damn. Now, that’s a nice body. Soft, jiggly and all the right curves. And any woman so willing to take a load of protein on her big, natural boobies is a-okay with me. I can’t help but notice that one jacked-up tooth, though. Personally, that would really bother me. Maybe even to the point where I couldn’t deal with it at all. I mean, she’s attractive enough, but the teeth would be too distracting for me. However, if she were on her back, laying naked on my bed, squeezing her boobs together to catch a load; I just might be able to temporary block it out of my mind.

Duff, from the UK, says that she so much a girlfriend as she was just a lot of fun and very horny. Sure, they went out on dates occasionally, but he says that was mainly all to keep her happy in order to keep her naked. As you can see, it worked it just fine. Duff didn’t mention why they broke-up, but it doesn’t sound like it was ever all that serious anyway.

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Former Girlfriend Stripping in Bed

If this girl has the right personality, and it looks as if she does, I bet she’s just a doll in reality. For one thing, she has an absolutely gorgeous, little body. Plus, I’m sure them beautiful, young, stand-up titties get her plenty of attention from the men-folk. She’s obviously not shy about showing them off, either. Nor she should be.

Juicy says that his ex girlfriend was a real wild one. She was willing to take chances, be dangerous and best of all, she loved being naughty. That’s what attracted Juicy to her in the first place, because he was the same way. He knew it wasn’t wise to fall for a girl, like her, but he says it was inevitable. Unfortunately, her promiscuity broke his heart over and over again (awww) and he finally had to cut her loose. It worked out well for us, though! Thanks for sharing, Juicy!

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Limber Ex Girlfriend Topless at Home

As you can see, this chick is not showing nearly enough skin, but she’s so damn sexy and obviously very limber, which is always a quality I personally love in a woman. Like on that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry was trying to get into the Olympic gymnast’s pants; just imagine the possibilities. I do wish we got to see more of her, though. That ass shot is nothing but a tease, and we don’t even get to see her beautiful, natural boobs until the last shot. I just couldn’t pass on posting her.

Kurt submitted these pictures of his very sexy ex girlfriend. He says these are the most revealing pics he has of her, otherwise we would have included those, as well. This is as nude as she would get in front of the camera, but he didn’t care. Mainly because he was actually going to have sex with her, so the pics didn’t do her any justice after that. Kurt didn’t mention why they split-up, but she doesn’t strike me as the type of girl that gets dumped by men. Just a theory, though. Thanks, Kurt!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Rides Her Dildo

It’s when I get picture series, like this, that remind me why I love doing this so much. I mean, this chick has sex appeal up the ying-yang…no pun intended. At first, I was thinking that she was a bit on the chunky side, but no, no, no; I was completely wrong. First of all, them legs are just gorgeous, and what they lead up to ain’t too shabby either. She has a nice, proportionate rack and she’s pretty damn cute, to boot. Plus, check out that grin and the look in her eyes as she impales herself on that fat dildo.

Biggie said his ex girlfriend was very feminine, classy and sexy as hell. They were a couple for quite a while, and he has nothing but great things to say about her. She loved sex just as much, if not, more than Biggie, and he says she was never a pig about it. But after all their time together, the relationship had run it’s course. Actually, it was her that ended it, but Biggie’s feelings were mutual, so it was no…biggie.

Picture #6

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Lays Naked in Bed

This girl is kind of cute in the average girl-next-door sort of way. She reminds me of the type of gal you would hook-up with in small Northern town. A place where it gets cold at night and she prefers to keep warm by staying sexually active under the covers. I just can’t stand to see a woman freeze, so I would be right there lending a helping hand…and then some. Especially, since she obviously has no problem catching a load.

J4F submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend spreading her legs and fingering her hole. He says she was a total horndawg. Pretty much whenever they had some private time, she was pulling down his pants. That was one of her best qualities! Unfortunately, their personalities clashed, and after the passion in their sex play began to wear down, they weren’t getting along at all. It didn’t take J4F much longer to get the hint and get the hell out of there.

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Sexy Latina Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked

I would be a very happy man if it were me getting naked with this busty Latina. Of course I realize that her boobs are 100% real, and I don’t normally like fake tits on a woman, but they work well for this chick. Plus, she has a beautiful, round, juicy ass to even things out. However, that pot leaf tattoo right above her pussy speaks volumes about her. Then again, we’re not talking marriage, so who really cares, right!?

Cortez didn’t really have much to say about his ex girlfriend; just that these hot pics are from a wild night at a hotel. She’s pretty damn sexy, so I can understand why he would want some private, undisturbed alone time with her. After all, I wouldn’t think she is the type of girl one would consider a “prude”. Thanks, Cortez!

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