Former Girlfriend Nude in Her Bedroom

When I first opened these pics, I was thinking that this chick was a bit on the chunky side. I was very wrong, though, because that cute figure, perky tits and her sexy little ass speak for themselves. And, in my opinion, she should keep the glasses. She looks much sexier with them on. I just don’t know how long I could handle a girl who has posters of Heart on their bedroom wall.

Denny, from Virginia, says that his then 18 year old ex girlfriend was one of them types of girls that was a lady in public, but a complete animal in the bedroom. She had quite a rebellious side to her and liked to be bad, both in and out of bed. She got Denny into some serious trouble quite a few times. He says that he is normally a good person, but something about their personalities together spelled trouble. It took him a while to catch-on to this, but he finally had to cut her loose for his own well-being.

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Ex Girlfriend Having Sex in Shower

Personally, I don’t think that this chick would fall into the category of “my type”, but there are some things about her I find really hot. For one thing, I LOVE puffy nipples, and she has some really nice ones. Plus, I really like when women have hair, like hers. It gives a woman a bit of that wild look.

This is Jack’s ex girlfriend from several years ago. He’s even married to another woman now, but he still had some naughty naked pictures of his ex, so he decided to share them with us. Jack says that there is no really story here; just two crazy kids having some naked fun with the camera. Thanks, Jack!

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Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked in Bed

Day-yum! Another set of beautiful, natural knockers. That looks like all we’re going to get to see with this one. Although, she is spreading her legs slightly, revealing a nice, shaved snatch. As you can see, it’s a tough call on what the rest of here body looks like, but I’m definitely diggin’ what I’m seein’. That bright-red lipstick against that pale skin seems strange to me, though. I have a buddy who’s wife has pale skin and wears that bright-red lipstick and it always looks weird to me. That’s just my opinion.

Cap’n Snazz says that he didn’t like her lipstick, either, because it wasn’t easy to clean off his unit. She was pretty orally talented, too, so it became an on-going problem. It wasn’t problem he was going to discuss with her, though. He wanted to keep her head in his lap as much as possible. It turned-out that it wasn’t much of challenge, apparently. Cap’n Snazz actually walked in on her going-down on another dude. She was at a party that he originally could not make. His plans changed at the last minute where he was able to attend this party. So he showed up unexpectedly, tracked her down to one of the back rooms and there she was–slurpping away on another man. He walked out of the party and never spoke with her again.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Horny at Home

Personally, I’m kind of luke-warm about her face, but the rest of her is gorgeous. I can’t find one thing that I do not like about her body; from her long, beautiful legs and her ample, natural bosom down to her round rump and succulent, pink pussy. Even better, she apparently likes to show off that hot body, too. In my experiences, the more a woman likes to prance around nude, the more she likes to have sex. That’s all we really want, anyway, right?

Fleck submitted these pics of his very sexy ex girlfriend. He says that she was a bit of a exhibitionist, but only at home. She got turned-on by the thought that a stranger might be getting-off and watching her in the nude. She liked to change in front of the windows, sometimes she would like to masturbate or have sex in front of the windows, too. She was too shy to do something like that in public, though. Fleck said she was actually a pretty great girlfriend, but a job transfer far away split them up. He was pretty shocked that she opted to stay behind, while he moved across almost the whole country. Ouch!

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Dirty Ex Girlfriend in Schoolgirl Outfit

I’m not sure if it’s my desensitivity to porn after all these years of over-exposure, or the fact that I’m getting older, but the whole schoolgirl uniform thing just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I used to think it was really hot, but now, I could take it or leave it. Then again, if she has her dress up, her panties down and with some anal beads hanging out of her butthole, I don’t care what she’s wearing. Just as long as I’m the one who will be her backdoor man.

Andy and his ex girlfriend used to do a lot of role playing and dress-up in the bedroom. As you can see, this time they were the Dean of discipline and the naughty schoolgirl just begging to be punished. Actually, most of the role playing was all her and her dirty fantasies. He was more-or-less along for the ride when it came to these sex games. In the long run, things just didn’t work out between them. He stuck around as long as he could, though. Thanks, Andy!

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Former Girlfriend Snaps Nude Self Pics

Damn, I love it when a girl who would normally not stand-out has a killer body hiding underneath it all. This chick doesn’t have obvious beauty, but I don’t think many of you would disagree that she looks pretty yummy in the nude. Them all-natural boobs are spectacular and her shapely, little ass ain’t too shabby, either.

Gripper says that his ex girlfriend was just waiting to meet a guy to bring out her inner slut, before they met. Luckily, Gripper was THAT guy. Upon first impression, she was just another quiet, bookworm type in one of his classes at the local junior college. They started talking during a smoke break one day and he ended up asking her out. I took a while to bring her out of her conservative shell, but once he did, it was like he created a monster. She became a “super sex freak”, which was great for a while, until she got curious about being with other men. He warned her that it would be over if she crossed that line, but apparently it was too tempting for her.

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Naughty Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

I used to have a pool table in the living room of this house I lived in with a bunch of other dudes. Unfortunately, not once was I lucky enough to witness a naughty, nude hottie masturbate with her dildo on it, or anything remotely close to that, actually. After seeing these pics, I’m hoping that I might see something like that one day. For right now, I’m really diggin’ this chick, though. She has a pretty face, great tits and is obviously not shy about about spreading her legs. How can you resist a combination like that?

Jeremy says that he only dated his ex girlfriend for a few months, but they were some of the wildest times he’s ever had with a woman. These pics are tame in comparison to some of their times together, but he was too busy joining her in the fun to be snapping photos. Jeremy says that it was more like an intense fling and she actually ended it, without explanation. He wasn’t too happy about it, but he accepted it for the fun that it was and moved on.

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Ex Fiance Oils-Up Her Nude Body

My, my…what a cutie. I bet if she tightened-up that body a bit, she would easily fall into the “hot” category. I mean, she’s pretty sexy as she is in these pics, but I’m sure she was even more of a knock-out w few years before these pictures were shot. Plus, you know that any nude woman in fishnet stockings, pierced nipples and a bottle of oil is going to be a lot of fun.

Mike, from Kansas, submitted these pics of his ex fiance in one of her many horny moods. That was one of the things that Mike loved about his ex, she loved sex. There was a lot more to her than that, of course, but those details are unimportant at this website. Mike said that it was a good thing that they called-off their marriage, but he didn’t say why. Thanks for sharing her with us!

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