Curvy Ex Girlfriend Shows Off the Goods

When I first opened these pics, I thought this girl was a bit on the chunky side. Now that I’m looking at them carefully, I realize I was totally wrong. This chick has a great body! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I actually prefer a woman with a little jiggle to her body. Especially if they have a great, all-natural rack and all the right curves, like this girl.

Kenny says that his ex girlfriend was a lot of fun. She has a very bright and bubbly personality, and she was always optimistic and accommodating with almost anything. If he wanted to go out partying at the bars, she was up for it; if he got tickets for a sporting event, she was up for it; if he wanted her on the bed, face down–ass up, she got right into position. Her only flaw was that she was always on his case about “growing up”. Kenny felt he was acting his age, but apparently that was not good enough for her. She eventually dumped him, saying that she was looking for a more mature relationship. His response was, “good riddance”. With an ass like that, I might have a caved-in a bit.

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Horny Ex Wife Masturbating in Bed

You can tell by the first pic, this chick knows how to look good, and it’s done with some sophistication. That’s why it makes it so much hotter when we get to see her on her back, legs spread and at the mercy of her vibrating little friend. Not only does she care about looking good while out, on the town, but it’s obvious she cares just as much about how she looks naked. She keeps her pussy nice and manicured, but that clean butthole likes mighty inviting. In other words, I wouldn’t be upset if I had to crawl into bed with her every night.

Mainard submitted these pictures of his cute ex wife masturbating in bed. He says that she was actually very lady-like and conservative most of the time, but when she got horny and the clothes came off, she became a completely different woman. She had an incredible sex drive, and judging by the amount of sex they had together, Mainard never saw it coming. Apparently, she wasn’t at all ready to save herself for only one man, and Mainard just wasn’t into sharing her with other dudes. That’s where he ended his story, so I can only assume that his wife chose dirty sex with random men over him. Ouch.

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Self Pics of Busty Former Girlfriend

As long as this chick doesn’t allow herself to blow up with age, she’s going to be quite the looker. Hell, she already is! A pretty face with a set of large, all-natural knockers; she’ll never have to lift a finger. And, if she likes to be nude as much as she does in these pics, she’ll never have to work a day in her life, either. A beautiful, well-endowed woman has life made, don’t they?

Jamie, from Texas, didn’t have much to say about his ex girlfriend. Just that she sent him these sexy pics while he was away at college. If it’s like every other “away at college” story, they could not deal with the long distance and one of them ended up cheating, breaking up the relationship. A story that seems to happen quite a bit. It shouldn’t be a big deal for Jamie, because if he’s in college, this is the time he should be adding notches to his bedpost, anyway. Thanks, Jamie!

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Gothy Ex Girlfriend Masturbates at Home

I love when we get a few pics of the female subject fully clothed before we get to see her completely nude. It seems like it’s more of an invasion of privacy this way, for some reason. Of course, she doesn’t get completely nude in this series, but she gets damn close. Once you click-thru to the full gallery, you will see that the little bit of clothing she does have on, will not get in her way of her little friend. Usually, I’m not really into the goth-look, but this chick is really sexy, in my opinion. She should be on SuicideGirls, or something. She has great legs; cute, little titties; a hot, round ass and she’s obviously not shy while masturbating for the camera.

Andy submitted these pictures of his sexy, goth ex girlfriend posing topless in stockings and heels. Those panties are really only semi-panties, since they are just laces across her pussy. I love the tie, too. It gives ya something to hold on to, for leverage, when taking her from behind. She looks like the type of girl who likes a take-charge kind of man in the bedroom. Anyway, I’m just babbling-on, because Andy didn’t submit a story with his nude ex girlfriend pics. That’s OK, though, because I can make-up my own dirty story in my head. ;) Oh, yeeeaaah! It’s already getting better! Thanks, Andy!

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Cute Ex Girl Shoots Naked Self Pics

I think this girl is really pretty. I just wish there was someone else shooting these pics so we got a better look at her. But god love the women who get so bored and horny that they decide to roll around on the floor naked, snapping pictures of the whole event. Especially when she has a cute, little body, like this chick. From what we can see, I would think it’s safe to say that she looks good all over.

This is Mario’s ex girlfriend shooting naked pics of herself. He really didn’t have much to say about her besides that, these are the pictures that she forgot Mario had before she dumped him for another dude. I guess that pretty much says it all.

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I’ve put together a few links to find even more of the horniest amateurs around. You will either find videos and pictures of real women and/or couples doing what they love best for the whole world to see, or you will easily be able to find high quality sites for homemade and amateur content. All the sites listed below are totally FREE and have no pop-ups or nasty tricks, so you can safely click.

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Cute and Sexy Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

Damn, this girl is sexy! And a real cutie, to boot. I love the jeans with the rip in the ass, too. I’ve loved that ever since Samantha Fox posed in jeans like that on her album cover, back in the late-80s. Samantha had much bigger tits, but this chick is much sexier, in my opinion. For one thing, I love brunettes; and there’s something about cute, tiny titties that I love more than a couple of big, swinging jugs. And once you click-thru to the full gallery, you’ll notice this girl has an ass that just won’t quit.

Peter says that his ex girlfriend loved to pose nude for the camera. It made her feel sexy, feminine and especially horny, and since Peter was the man behind the camera, he was always there to scratch her itch. She could be quite dominate at times, in bed, too. If there was something she wanted from him, she took it be force. Of course, he gave-in to her. Why would he struggle against that? After about a year of dating, they were both ready to move-on, though. He says there was no really specific reason. The relationship just had run it’s course. Fair enough.

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude on the Floor

Obviously, this one is a bit older than what we are used to, here, but damn! She’s got one sexy body! You can tell that she works-out on a regular basis and I can’t help but respect a woman who cares about what her body looks like; pussy-sculpting included. She has some pretty nice boobs, too. A lot of women who are athletic tend to lose their rack the more body-fat they work off. One of god’s many cruel jokes on men. :cry:

Jake submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend posing nude on his sofa and living room floor. He says she liked to show-off her body, so her being nude, or scantily clad, around his place was a fairly normal occurrence. She really knew how to take care of her man, too. Sexually, at least. According to Jake, “no” was not in her vocabulary, nor would she take that for answer if she were especially horny. That was an important quality in a woman, for him, and she more than lived-up to it. Unfortunately, when Jake was transferred for his job she declined on his invitation to join him. He was a bit hurt by that, but he says he has since moved-on.

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