Cute and Petite Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

My gawd! What a cutie! I love how in pic #1 she looks all prim and proper, but by pic #7 she’s letting us get up-close and personal with her luscious, shaved, little butthole. As I’m sure you have already noticed, she smokin’, little body, too. Nice firm and full boobs, a petite figure and a round butt that looks like it could use a few good smacks, among other erotically painful ass play. She doesn’t look like she would be against any of those ideas, either.

Quinn submitted these pictures of his very cute and very sexy ex girlfriend posing nude in bed. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave me with much info on her. Then again, you really don’t need a story when you have pics as hot as these. She’s showing me pretty much all I need/want to know about her. Thanks, Quinn!

Picture #7

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Ex Girlfriend Masturbates on the Floor

As I’m sure you have already noticed, we only get one face picture of this chick, but she looks like she would be super hot when she’s all fixed up. Then again, I could get used to looking at her with no make-up when she’s laying on the floor completely nude and playing with her very yummy-looking, pink pussy. Overall, this chick is pretty sexy. Especially after seeing pic #6, because it get a good view of just about her whole body.

Marce says that he couldn’t get enough of her sweet snatch, and his ex girlfriend enjoyed giving-it-up to him, too. She was a lot of fun and a real wild one in the bedroom, as well. After about a year, Marce had had enough of her and was ready to get out of the relationship. She didn’t do anything wrong, per se, but she was just starting to get on his nerves, so he finally cut her loose. She didn’t fight him, so he assumes it was at the end for her, too.

Picture #6

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Former Girlfriend Riding Her Man

Ok, she’s not really my type, but like some of you have mentioned before, given the right situation, I would also readily hop into the sack with approximately 99.9% of the women that have been posted here. As long as I think I can handle seeing them naked, I’m really not all that picky when it comes to sex. I mean, I think this chick has sexy, little body; and what man doesn’t like a woman who enjoys riding and grinding on his unit?

RoofyRX submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend riding his pole; her favorite sex position, both cowgirl and reverse was the way she rolled. She rode him real good, though, so if she wanted to be the one in control during sex, he was going to let her have her way with him. Unfortunately, RoofyRX was transfered far away for his job about six months ago and they had to split-up. He tried to stay in contact with her, but she never returned any of his phone calls after he moved away.

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Horny Ex Wife Being Naughty in Bed

We don’t get too good a look at this chick’s face, except when she’s getting drilled from behind by her hubby. It’s kind of hard to tell in those pics, though, because she’s in the middle of having sex. You can never trust a facial expression, or more importantly, what a person says during sex. It really doesn’t matter, though, because she has a smokin’, little body; Tan, Tone and with what appears to be a Tight, little pussy. The three T’s. It’s no longer “T & A”.

Tim says that he and his ex wife were messing around with the camera during sex in these pictures. This wasn’t the only time they did this, but he thought he would start with these. He didn’t say why they split-up, but he did mention that a lot of her attraction was the fact that she was such a dirty girl in the sack. According to Tim, “it was like being married to a porn star”. I’m not sure if that means that she could fuck like a beast, or that she slept with lots of other dudes, or both. Either way, I’m glad you shared them with us, Tim!

Picture #7

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Ex Girlfriend Strips Nude on the Sofa

I’m really diggin’ this chick’s body; soft, thin, curvy and natural. Plus, she doesn’t appear to be shy about stripping out of her clothes and posing nude for the camera. I don’t know if it’s just the way she’s spreading her legs, or what, but judging by the last pic, her snatch looks like it gets a pretty good work-out. Overall, she looks like a good recipe for a lot of fun in the sack. ;)

Mick, from New Jersey, says he knew what he was getting into when he started dating his now ex girlfriend. She was known to “get around”, so she started out as just an easy target for a sure thing. It turned out that he thought she was pretty cool, not to mention that she knew how to work his unit, like no other woman has before. So, he kept her around for a while. But when she suddenly became somewhat disinterested in sex, Mick knew something was up. While she was sleeping at his place one night, he snooped through her date book and discovered she had been dating someone else for the last month. When he confronted her, she dumped him on the spot. Ouch!

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Ex Fiance Lays Spread-Eagle in Bed

I wouldn’t say this chick is my type, but she looks damn good for a woman in her 40s. She won’t be gracing the cover of Vogue, but she obviously takes care of her body and appearance, and that’s always a good quality in a woman. She’s just not glamorous. I think she looks pretty cute in the first picture, and that smooth, manicured pussy looks good enough to eat.

Alex submitted these pics of his ex fiance he snapped while on a cruise from New York to the Bahamas. I can see why he wanted to marry her, though. During the 6 years they were together, she needed sex multiple times a day. She was so horny and ultra-sexual that she even would cum when she blew him. Best of all, she was a three-input gal that was especially crazy for anal. If I knew I had that coming for the rest of my days, I would snatch her up, too. But while he was out of town with his kids, he discovered her cheating on and sent her packing when he returned home.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude in the Tub

It’s kind of hard to tell if this chick is attractive or not, because we only get one good face shot and it’s not very flattering, in my opinion. If we judge strictly by her body, then she’s one hot, little momma. Of course, you would have to have a thing for petite women, like me, to completely enjoy her. I love the tight, little bod; her perky, tiny titties and her soft, round ass. If I was there, I would be climbing in that tub with her. Although, sex in the water isn’t as enjoyable as they make it look in the movies. Especially in a tiny bath tub. I’ve tried it and it ain’t easy.

Krazyleggs didn’t give me a back-story about his ex girlfriend, just that these pics were taken at a hotel during a little vacation they were on together. I’m guessing that at least Krazyleggs had a good time, because I’m seeing a decent hotel room stocked with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a cute, nude blonde. Sounds like a great night to me! Too bad hotels didn’t offer that as an incentive to stay at their place, instead of free cable. Anyway, before I get on another topic, thanks for sharing, Krazyleggs!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

This girl does have an attractiveness about her, in a plain-Jane, country girl sort of way. She’s not necessarily the type of girl I prefer, but if she were sending me naked pictures of her self, laying in bed with her legs spread, I would probably be on my way over there right now, instead of typing this. Although, there’s not anything in particular about her that’s really jumping out at me.

Barry, from Texas, submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend that he just recently broke-up with. He says that she was a local girl in the college town where he went to school. She was more of a drunken, late night, sure-thing than an actual girlfriend, but he did take her on a date from time to time. Probably just to keep her available. When he returned back to school this year, he was ready to find some new strange, so he gave this one the boot.

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