Pretty Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude in Bed

I love watching women peal-off their clothes. It’s like unwrapping a gift on Xmas morning, where you can’t wait to see what’s underneath it all. I like it even better when the girl has that snobby look about her. Maybe it’s just me, because I have a “thing” for stuck-up women. Especially when they are nude and in my bed. I would have loved to see more of this chick, but she does have cute tits and what appears to be a pretty nice snatch. So, I think I can live with that.

Erich didn’t go into any nitty-gritty details about his ex girlfriend except that, she was very orally inclined. He says that was the one thing he could always count on; her giving him the best head he’s ever experienced. Judging by that hot, little body of hers, her mouth isn’t the only good experience you would have with this chick.

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Voluptuous Ex Girlfriend Horny at Home

I’m not sure if this chick would get my attention with her clothes on, but seeing her half nude, in this naughty little number she’s wearing, I’m thinking she would be a lot of fun to take a roll or two in the hay with. I’m diggin’ that round ass of hers and I’m always a fan of natural boobs, but all I can think about after seeing her lips wrapped around that dildo is, she’s got a mighty puuurrrdy mouth. By the end of the full gallery, you’ll notice that mouth can hold quite a bit of juice, too. If that’s not fake, then our submitter must have a nut sack the size of two bowling balls slung in a beach towel.

Dragon submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend dressed-up in some sort of slutty outfit. He says that she loved to pose for nude and/or dirty pictures. She had a fantasy to be porn model/actress, so she loved to pretend in private, but never had the guts to actually follow-thru. Since she dumped him, but forgot about some of her photo shoots, he figured she would help her with her career. Thanks, Dragon. I’m glad I could help. ;)

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Naughty Ex Girl Spreads Her Cheeks

Now, I usually prefer women with a bit more curves, although this chick is very sexy, but when she’s sticking her tiny ass out, like that, mild attraction turns into pure lust. That ripe butthole is just screaming for a good rimjob, of course followed by full-on penetration. However, it does look a little worked already, in these pics.

No surprises here, but Roger, from the UK, says that his ex girlfriend is a three input gal. In fact, he believes she just might have liked it better in the butt. They had just as much, if not, more, anal sex as they did vaginal sex, and it was usually her idea. Unfortunately, when he found out that she had been barebacking with another dude, he lost interest in her. He says that he was a little pissed, but instead of dwelling on it, he just cut her loose and moved-on.

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Horny Former Girlfriend Bends Over

I have a hard enough time getting women to wear their high heels during sex, let alone talking them into dressing up like a hooker wearing thigh-highs, first. This one is really not my type, but she looks damn good with her ass up and face down. I can see why our submitter prefers to take her from behind. With a shapely little ass, like hers, I would be entering from the rear, too.

Sean says his ex girlfriend was really into role playing, so he went along with it, as long as it ended with him getting a piece. It doesn’t recall “getting a piece” being a problem with her, because she was a very sexual woman. Sean says that the dirty sex was tough to give-up when the relationship ended; however, he didn’t say why they split-up. Thanks, Sean!

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Perky Ex Fiance Naked on the Phone

I wonder if any girls I’ve talked to on the phone were ever naked and taking dirty pics of themselves during our conversation. Hell, if I would have known that, I might have actually been paying attention to what they were saying instead of watching TV. I do love ‘em petite and perky, like this little chick, though, so it would take a lot to pull my attention away from her. Then again, once she puts her top back on, covering up them pretty little titties, and starts talking, somehow the TV starts becoming more important again.

Robert almost married this girl, but he says, in hindsight, they were just too young. He was crazy about her at one time, but the lack of communication, the lying, deceiving and cheating all proved to be too much for Robert. He says they were both at fault, so he doesn’t blame her completely, but he’s the one with her naked pictures.

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend’s Ass in the Air

Damn, She is skinny! And she looks a bit hardened in her face, but once she gets herself out of them clothes, she’s looking pretty sexy. I mean, she a great set of tits and it’s obvious that she keeps both her pussy and her butthole shaved on a regular basis. When she props that tiny ass of hers in the air, all I can think about is how tight of a fit she would be.

Jacque, from Canada, says his ex girlfriend was, and still is, a stripper from his hometown. He knew she was a wild one going into the relationship. That was part of the attraction, not mention her extreme flexibility. During sex, he says that she could, and would, get herself into just about any position imaginable. She would literally wrap her legs behind her own head and let him go to town. She was a lot of fun for a while, but after Jacque got what he wanted of her, he cut her loose.

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Busty Wife Naughty on the Table

This one is a little thick for my tastes, but overall she’s damn sexy. It’s just unfortunate that we don’t get to see more of her, because she looks like she has all the right equipment; a pretty face - check, big natural knockers - check, a willingness to lay on her back on the coffee table and masturbate while hubby takes snap shots - check! Judging by the toys in the background, I’m assuming she already has spit-out a puppy or two, as well.

K-man says that this is his current wife showing off her big boobs and masturbating on the family-room coffee table. She knows he posted these pictures up here and he says that she’s still a bit shy. So I’m really hoping this is just a preview of what’s to come from K-man and his beautiful wife. That’s at least one vote from me to see more of her. Anyone else?

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