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Ex Girlfriend Nude Around the House

I like how these pictures unfold. We start-off with just her as the cute, plain, bookworm type of girl, but by the end of the series, she’s laying completely nude, in bed, and looking damn good. I love when women are conservative on the outside, but a wild, horny animal once you get her behind closed doors. It’s even hotter when they are hiding a sexy, little body underneath their clothes, like this chick is doing. She could use a little trim around the hedges, but other than that, I would be happy to join her in that bed.

The Maestro says that his ex was a live-in girlfriend, which usually means a messy break-up. He didn’t elaborate on their demise, but he did mention that their time together, that he brought her from a shy, insecure girl to a full-on sexually depraved woman by the time their relationship ended. The Maestro believes that any of her new boyfriends should be sending him “thank you” letters. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Horny Ex Wife Posing Naked in Bathroom

I don’t think I would consider this girl “pretty”, but she’s definitely sexy as hell, in my opinion. Obviously, that body has a lot to do with that; sexy, little ass and perky, little tits. But she has this overall look of wild sex appeal. I can picture her whipping that long hair of hers around like a stripper on stage, but while riding you like a cowgirl in heat. And what is she doing with her fingers in the last pic? Is that like a half-shocker; just two in the pink, but none in the stink? I could work with that.

Brent travels a lot for business, but he never noticed any signs that his now ex wife was lonely or unhappy. He discovered this while working on the computer one weekend and found out that his wife was sending naked, dirty pictures of herself to someone Brent didn’t know. After more investigating, he discovered that it was another man from a few towns over, that she had met online. After he confronted her, and she finally admitting to it, he learned that she had been having an on-going sexual relationship with this dude while he was out of town on business. As you can imagine, a divorce came shortly after.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Panties

I would be a happy man if I had this chick stripping nude in my bed right about now. Them beautiful, natural boobs - alone - are enough to make my jeans tighten in the crotchal region. By removing her panties and playing with her shaved, pretty pussy is just making it all the better. I don’t know how classy she is, but it’s obvious that her appearance is important to her. She likes to look sexy and it shows!

Shooter, from Cali, says this little high-maintenance hottie is an ex girlfriend of his. She was a tough woman to keep happy, but, for the most part, she enthusiastically gave-it-up to him, and good, whenever he wanted. So, the two extremes kind of balanced themselves out. Not surprisingly, as soon as Shooter began to fall on some tough financial times, she was out the door and in some other sucker’s bed.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Nude

I love when I’m out on a date with a girl and I discover that she doesn’t have any panties on, under her skirt. It’s either her telling me that she’s pantyless to get me all hot-and-bothered, or my hand uncontrollably goes up , under her skirt, and I discover it for myself. Either way, I know where I’m going to be by the end of the night. If she’s adventurous enough, I like to tease her with my fingers, through-out the night. By the time we get to a private place, she’s raring to go.

Andy submitted these pictures of his cute and horny ex girlfriend getting nude and warming herself up for some hair-pulling, ass-slapping sex. He really didn’t say much about her, except that she really wasn’t the one-man type of gal. So, we pretty much can assume that their relationship didn’t end on a pleasant note.

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Latina Ex Girlfriend Naked in Hotel

Man, she has a really hot body. Especially that ass! I just want to bite on her butt cheeks. You have got to love that Brazilian booty. The rest of her ain’t too shabby, either. She’s thin with a nice shape, a Brazilian wax job (and you thought that was an old wives’ tale), not to mention a very nice set of all-natural boobies. She’s kind of cute, but she definitely has a body that makes up for anything else she may be lacking.

Reinaldo, from Brazil, submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend naked in a hotel room they got while traveling through Brazil, on a little road trip. He says that she preferred to be as naked as possible, as much as possible. Obviously, in Brazil, they are a lot more lenient about public nudity than they are in the U.S., so I’m sure that wasn’t much of a problem. He didn’t mention why they split-up, but I would have a hard time giving up a hot ass, like hers. Thanks, Reinaldo!

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Former Girlfriend Posing Nude in Bed

Off the top of my head, I would guess that this chick is a real party girl. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’ve always had a real weakness for the wild ladies, but unfortunately they’re nothing but trouble for me. On the other hand, they are also a lot of fun. It’s obvious that this chick isn’t shy about being playfully nude and spreading her legs in bed; just out a bottle of vodka in her hand and you got yourself a wild night, and a wild woman.

Rich didn’t have much to say about his ex girlfriend, or why they are no longer an item, but he did mention that he took these pictures of her while they were on a vacation together. In my experiences, there’s something about about being away from home that makes girls extra horny. If that was the case for Rich and his girlfriend, I’m sure these pics are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked on LazyBoy

This girl really isn’t my type, but if she were to start getting naked on my LazyBoy (recliner), I suppose I would encourage her to continue. Just because she’s not my type, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t make an exception if I don’t have to put much effort into it. I mean, she’s naked, she’s horny, she’s willing and her legs are open wide. A sure-thing is tough to turn down. Especially when all the leg/guess work has been taken out of the equation. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Mack says that she wasn’t really ever considered a “girlfriend”. She was a girl from his neighborhood that suddenly started hang around and coming over to his place. He was a bit annoyed by her, at first, but then the blowjobs started. So, he tolerated her, but after one night, when a blowjob turned into Mack finally laying the pipe in her, he realized he made a big mistake. Now she was over by his place ALL the time, and he stupidly continued banging her, making her attachment to him even worse. And when he tried to cut her loose, she did not take it well. To make a long story short, Mack ended up moving to another town, in the middle of the night, just to shake her. Yikes!

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