Ex Girlfriend Horny and Naked in Bed

Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, bikini season is just about over. Girls are going to start wearing more and more clothes, and we’re all going to be seeing less skin. That’s why I can always appreciate a girl with a hot body in bikini. Of course, I like it when they are out of them and completely naked much better. This chick looks sexy both in and out of her bikini, not to mention a clean-shaven pussy that I would go down on as much as humanly possible. Well, maybe not that much, but I would have my face buried between her legs quite often.

Michael says that there were a lot of pluses and minuses about his ex girlfriend. On one hand, she loved sex and was always up for trying something new. The down side was that if he wasn’t around to perform those duties, she wouldn’t hesitate in getting it from someone else. He pretended like her promiscuity didn’t bother him, but eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore and ultimately gave her the boot. Thanks for sharing her with us, Michael!

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Ex Girlfriend Models Her Hot Nude Body

Wow! She has a really nice body. She could use a bit more junk in her trunk, but other than that, her body is damn close to perfection. Don’t get me wrong. She has a hot, little ass, but I would just prefer a bit more to grab on to. I think it all went into them beautiful, all-natural boobies. I especially dig picture #5, where you can see all her curves and definition, and obviously, a full shot of her bod. I like when we get to see the whole package.

Yasper, from South Holland, submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend posing nude. He says that, in a nutshell, Yasper was pushing for a more open relationship, but she wasn’t really down with that. This became a problem, because he went ahead and pursued an open relationship, anyway. It was a shame that she eventually left him, but he says that he just loves women too much to dedicate himself to only one.

Picture #7

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Ex Girlfriend Snaps Naughty Cell Pics

As you can see, this chick isn’t showing us a lot of skin, but damn she’s sexy! From what we can see, she has some nice, perky tits, as well. So I can only imagine how hot she would look seeing her whole body, completely nude. Just looking into those bedroom eyes is enough to make your balls ache. Did I just share too much information there?

Nathan submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend from a few years ago posing nude for her own cell phone camera. She was sending him these shots one night, when he was busy, but she was trying to entice him to come over to her place. As you can imagine, her little ploy worked. Nathan says that she was a pretty good girlfriend, but it just didn’t work out for the long run. He still had these pictures and decided to join in the fun.

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Current Girlfriend Spreading Her Lips

Is this the new kind of notebook; it comes with the bottom half of a woman attached to it? I wish there really were that option for your computer. It would make surfing porn all that much more enjoyable! Not to mention that you could then have both hands free for maximum viewing control. I wouldn’t mind having this chick’s pussy as my laptop attachment, either. It’s bright pink, clean-shaven and raring to go.

TheFinger says that these are some pics of his current girlfriend’s beautiful snatch. She doesn’t know that he posted these pictures of her, so he figured he would keep her face out of it to play things safe. The Finger’s afraid that those legs might clamp shut if she gets word that her naked body is all over the Internet. But he wants your feedback, so let him have it.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Naked and Wet

I’ve been noticing I’ve been going back-and-forth about tits. I’ll say something like, “This chick has perfect big boobs”, or that, “I love small, perky titties on chicks”. The truth is, I just love them all! This little cutie is no exception. I’m lovin’ her tiny tits! Especially when they’re all wet and her nipples get hard from the cool breeze.

Jammer didn’t send in a story along with these pictures of his ex girlfriend. She looks like she would be a real wild one. She has that naughty look in her eyes, and her willingness to be naked, or at least topless, is always a treat. Thanks for sharing, Jammer!

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Older Ex Girlfriend Waiting for Penetration

Personally, I don’t think I would normally be attracted to a woman, like this. Not that there is anything wrong with her. She’s just not my type. But if it took a few dates to get her into a position, such as in picture #3, I would be more than happy to buy her a few dinners. Maybe even something more than MacDonald’s, too! Just as long as she’s waiting for me naked and face down, with her legs spread when I arrive to pick her up on the third date.

Maxwell says that his ex girlfriend was about 10 years older than him, but he saw it as that, she had 10 more years of sexual experience on him. He didn’t really realize it, though, until after he slept with her a few times. She did things that he thought only happened in porn flicks and Maxwell couldn’t get enough of her. Their relationship was almost purely physical, so when things tapered-off between them, it wasn’t a huge loss. Although, he says that he wouldn’t mind if she were still available.

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Ex Girlfriend Lifts Her Schoolgirl Skirt

The whole “schoolgirl fantasy” thing has never really done much for me, personally, but I know a lot of dudes that would love if their girlfriend/wife dressed-up as a slutty schoolgirl for a night of x-rated fun. Then again, I don’t recall schoolgirls going pantyless and wearing lacey stockings and high heels, but I guess you got to improvise where it’s important.

Trent submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend lifting her skirt and showing us one very nice, yet very swollen pussy. They had some fun with role playing once in a while and this is one of them times. He says that she never did anything bad enough where he would share the rest of pics with the world, because these are tame in comparison. Judging by her enthusiasm, I can imagine those pics are pretty damn hot.

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Ex Girlfriend Snaps Nude Pics of Herself

I’ve been noticing that the volume of girls taking nude pics of themselves has been increasing quite significantly. Of course, technology has allowed this tp be easy, but this also tells me that there’s a new generation of hot, horny girls that’s been entering the world of sex. When I was 18, it would be a good, but very rare night if I was able to have sex with the lights on. Now, these girls flaunt their nudity and sexuality, and I’m really diggin’ this new playing field. ;)

Jason says that his ex girlfriend snapping nude pictures of herself and sending them to him is not her normal behavior. She wasn’t a prude, or anything. She was just very private and shy about showing it off. “She screwed up royally”, and these pics were a way of enticing him back into her arms. It worked, but only temporarily. Jason didn’t say what she did, but it must have been pretty big to post her nude photos. Thanks for sharing, Jason!

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