Horny Former Girlfriend Naked in Bed

I’ve never been a big fan of boob jobs, but despite the fact that her tits are obviously fake, they go well with her body type. She’s got a lot of very nice curves, especially that round ass of hers. Plus, who doesn’t respect a woman who cares so much about how she looks naked that she pays to look better?

Josh claims this horny and naked tasty treat as his ex girlfriend. He says she had fantasies of being a Playboy Playmate, but Josh thinks she has more of an attitude and look of a porn star, rather than a Playmate. Of course, he didn’t tell her that. he wanted her to practice getting naked all she wanted, in front of him. Apparently he wasn’t enough, though, because he found out that he wasn’t the only dude she was getting naked for. He tried to give her another chance, but, “she just couldn’t keep her legs shut”.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude at Home

I’m really diggin’ this chick’s sexy, little bod! In fact, I can’t find one thing that I don’t like about her body; from her perky, cute tits, down to her firm, round ass and pretty pink pussy. If it were me dating her, I would have her out of her clothes and in my bed as much as humanly possible.

Constantin, from Southern France, submitted these pictures of his very sexy girlfriend posing nude for him, and now us. He says she was actually a lot of fun and she could make a man’s knees buckle from her oral techniques, alone. But Constantin believes he’s too young and that there are too many girls willing to get naked with him, to settle down. So, he had to cut her loose to make room for new girls.

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Busty Punk Ex Girlfriend Caught Topless

I love when chicks color their hair all kinds of freaky colors, even though the red/pink color for hair is a bit played-out. I just think it’s hot and gives them a wild look. Plus, I’ve never met a crazy-colored hair girl who wasn’t a little on the “freaky” side, herself. Although, I probably wouldn’t be interested in dating this chick, her big, natural boobies have convinced me that I would most definitely jump at the chance for a roll in the hay.

Ernie says that he has no hard feelings about his ex girlfriend. In fact, they broke-up on good terms. They got along okay, and the sex was mind-boggling, but they felt each other as more of pals, then girlfriend/boyfriend. He doesn’t think that she will mind her pictures being up here, though. She knew she got a lot of attention because of her nice rack, and she was proud to show them off.

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Ex Fiance Spreading Her Legs in Bed

She looks like a good country girl, doesn’t she? She can’t be all that good, because otherwise she wouldn’t be spreading her legs for the camera, but we all love a woman with a little “bad” in her. Especially when she’s a girl-next-door type, like this one. She’s a bit thicker than I prefer, but overall she has a nice body with big, natural boobs. She has kind of a weird shave job around her snatch, but at least she keeps it neat.

Jake, from Minnesota, says his ex fiance used to email him naked pictures of herself when he was away on business. He would be so horny by the time he got home that it was pretty much straight from the airport and into the bedroom. They would say “hello” to each other afterwards. Jake didn’t mention why they broke-off their engagement, but, from the looks of it, they may have been a bit to be getting married, anyway.

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Cell Pics of Ex Girlfriend Getting Naked

She kind of reminds me of the type of girl you would pick-up at the end of the night at one of them bonfire keggers. I’m not sure why. I can just see bringing her home for some dirty, drunken sex on the sofa, only later to be trying to figure a way out of the situation, now that the fun part is over. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, either. If it wasn’t for girls, like her, I would have had a lot more lonely, drunken nights doing the five-knuckle shuffle in front of the computer.

Tony didn’t really submit a story with these pics of his ex girlfriend getting naked on the sofa. He just said that these were a few quick shots on his cell phone camera right before he nailed her. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Thanks for sharing, Tony!

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Naughty Self Shots of Cute Ex Girlfriend

There’s no doubt about it. She’s definitely a cutie, and overall I would say she looks pretty damn sexy naked. Then again, I really dig smaller, perky tits on a woman. The only really thing that bothers me about this chick is that her snatch seems awfully big. If that’s how she is naturally, I can see how she might scare some of the less creative guys away. ;)

Ryan says his ex girlfriend was sweet and innocent on the outside, but a dirty girl deep-down. He hates to admit it, but SHE was wearing HIM out. He didn’t want to turn down sex, so a sore dick, or not, when she wanted it, he dropped trau and gave it to her. He didn’t say why they split up, or if that gape was from his package, a giant dildo, or mother nature, but I’m glad he shared her pics with us!

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Ex Girlfriend Has Sex on the Floor

I don’t know if she would be my type with her clothes on, by laying on her back, in the nude with her legs spread-eagle, she is definitely my type! Of course, just about any girl in that situation would be my type, at that moment, at least, but this chick’s soft, all-natural body would be a real bonus. I’m just surprised that they found a big enough clearing in that room to be able to do it.

It never crossed Adam’s mind that his ex girlfriend would turn out to be the type that would cheat on her man, but apparently all it took was one wild night out drinking with her girlfriends to cross that line. He started to figure it out after she accidentally left her cell phone at his place. Her phone was blowing up all from the same number. He finally answered it and it was some dude that he knew she hadn’t known previously. When Adam questioned her about this guy, she said one of her friends gave this guy her number, to fix her up, and now the guy won’t stop calling. After some of his own investigating, he found out that she had spent the night with this guy. This lead to a few months of breaking-up and getting back together, until Adam finally ended it for good.

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