Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

At first, I was thinking that maybe this chick was too skinny for me, but after looking her over carefully, I think that it’s just her lack of a round, supple ass. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t flip her over, onto her stomach, and dominate her from behind, but at the same time, I can’t help but love a girl with a great ass. This chick has everything else, though; nice tits and a clean shaven snatch that looks like it’s crazing for attention.

Beansie says that his ex girlfriend was feeling especially slutty on night and suggested that he bust out his camera and snap some pics of her posing nude. Who was he to argue with her? Plus, nudity leads to sex, in most cases, so he was all for it. Apparently, she forgot to get the all the copies of these pictures before she dumped him for some older, wealthier player.

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Former Girlfriend Topless on the Beach

I’m not usually all that into pictures of girls topless on the beach, because it’s usually nothing special, especially in this day and age. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have to wrap a towel around my waist to hide my excitement if I were actually at a topless beach. I mean, if I were to come eye-to-nipple with a girl that has exquisite natural boobs, like this girl, there would most definitely be a noticeable growth in my swim trunks. Not only that, but she also has a smokin’, little body. Just seeing her in a bikini has brightened up my day.

Khuong snapped these pictures of his ex girlfriend going topless at the beach while on a vacation they took sometime last year. He didn’t say where they were, but it’s obviously someplace tropical that is most likely not in the U.S. He said that they pretty much just bummed around on the beach, got drunk and had LOTS of sex, which was more-or-less what he had planned anyway. Maybe Khuong will send us pictures of their private time, too. *hint, hint*

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Sultry Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Her Boobs

These are some pretty sexy pictures. I don’t know if she planned it like that, but for self pics, they turned out very hot. Of course, she had a lot to do with that since it’s her semi-nude body and beautiful boobies that are focus of this self photo shoot. I’m really diggin’ this chick, though. She has a very sultry and sexy look about her that makes me feel all funny in my underpants.

JohnnyBravo says his ex girlfriend split up over a year ago, shot these pics of herself, in only her panties, just messing around with her camera. She was feeling a bit naughty and started getting undressed. Unfortunately, this is as far as she got, because I bet the rest of her body is fine. Thanks, Johnny!

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Sexy Former Girlfriend Posing Topless

Besides that ugly tattoo on her stomach, this chick is pretty sexy, in my opinion. I wish we got to see more of her, because from what she is showing us, she has hot, little body. Cute and tiny tits and wide hips. Yummy! Plus, she looks cute posing in just her pink panties.

Nathan didn’t send a story with the pics of his ex girlfriend posing topless, in her panties. In fact, his only correspondence was, “enjoy”, so I’m assuming there’s no longer any emotional attachment. But no matter the emotions or not, personally, I always hold a special place for my ex girlfriends, and that’s always somewhere deep in my loins.

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Bigger Ex Girlfriend Lays Naked in Bed

She’s a bit on the hefty side for my tastes, but in all honesty, that probably wouldn’t stop me from hopping in the sack with her if the opportunity arose. Those big ol’ natural cans, alone, would be worth getting naked with her, plus she has a nice looking snatch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like she knew how to use it.

MK, from Johannesburg (South Africa), submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend, naked and spreading her legs in bed. He says that one of the things that attracted him to her was her big, huge boobies and they were everything that he hoped they would be. She was an ok chick, but she just didn’t do it for MK. She wasn’t very good in bed, plus she always complained that it hurt in the positions he preferred. He didn’t specify which positions those are, but I can only imagine.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Sexy in Nude Self Pics

This girl is definitely a cutie, but she’s just not the type I would normally go for. On the other hand, I’m really diggin’ that sexy, little body of hers; from her cute, little titties, down to her neatly manicured box. One of the things I love about tiny tits is that they usually have great nipples, and this girl is no exception.

Gianni, from Cali, says his ex girlfriend used to send him nude and naughty pictures of herself, while he was away at college, along with dirty messages of what she would like to do to him the next time they’re together. They had a pretty active sex life before he left for school, so he had a lot to work with when fantasizing about her sexual promises. Unfortunately for Gianni, he only got to nail her one more time after these pics were taken. Apparently, the long distance relationship was not working out.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Lips

As far as body type goes, this is my kinda girl. I love her petite body, her small tits and that yummy pink pussy. And her willingness to spread her legs, and lips, rates fairly high on my scale, as well. I like how in pictures #5 and #6 how we get a before-penetration shot, and an after-penetration shot.

Gabe says his ex girlfriend loved a good pounding and he was there to give it to her. Their relationship just ran it’s course, but they both immensely enjoyed wearing each other out. They spent most of their time in the bedroom, so this is how Gabe remembers her best.

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