Naked Self Shots of Cute Ex Girlfriend

I’m not sure if I dig this girl or not. I mean, the overall package is nice, and she seems to have a pretty cute and petite body and looks good while naked. Maybe it’s her expression, or lack there of, that makes her seem like she’s uninterested in posing. But, bored or not, she’s still an trractive, naked female, and that’s always good enough with me.

Antwon, from Florida, says his ex girlfriend emailed these pics to him after writing on her body with lipstick, “Antwon Owns This”, with an arrow pointing to her sweet, sweet snatch. He’s never met a girl so orgasmic before, so sex with her was always a wild ride. This also meant he didn’t have to work too hard to get some from her, either. In the end, things just didn’t work out between them. He says the sexual chemistry was incredible, but there wasn’t much else between them.

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Tattooed Ex Wife Posing Nude in Bed

Right off the bat, the tattoos are way too much for my liking. I can handle a tramp stamp, or a trashy little tattoo in the pelvic area, but sleeves and tattoos on the shoulders are not for me. She seems like she’s fairly attractive for such a hard looking lady, and she definitely has a decent body. I’m especially diggin’ her long, hard nipples. A great ass or long, pointy nips always get my attention no matter what the girl looks like.

Zed submitted these pics of his ex wife being horny and getting nude in bed one evening. However, he said he didn’t want to get into the story on what happened between them and why they are now divorced. Evidently, their relationship did not end on good terms. But with all bad endings comes a good post here. :mrgreen:

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Ex Girlfriend Horny and Naked in Bed

This is one of them picture series where you never get a great look at the girl, but what she is showing us is definitely very nice. She appears to be very attractive, has a nice set of natural tits, a shapely round ass and she tops it all off with a clean-shaven pussy. All those great physical qualities, along with the fact that she enjoys a good load across the face, makes her quite the contender for any man, I would think.

James, from the UK, submitted these pictures of who is now probably his ex girlfriend. He actually sent these in quite a while ago and they got lost in the shuffle. At the time, she was still his current girlfriend, but she was about to leave him. Apparently, her family had a prearranged marriage planned for her and she decided that she was going to carry out her family’s wishes. Of course, this is kind of leaving James high and dry. Good luck to you, James!

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Ex Girl Poses Nude for Naughty Pics

I’m diggin’ those slutty, thigh-high boots on this petite, little cutie, but that hat has got to go. Other than that, this girl looks damn sexy, in my opinion. She has a smokin’ body with a scrumptious, little ass and perky, natural titties. Some of the main physical qualities I love in a woman, as I’m sure a lot of you do, too. Plus, you got to love that makeshift backdrop.

Darby used the ole nude-for-art trick to get his ex girlfriend to pose nude in front of the camera. You know, when you tell a chick they will be tasteful nudes for art’s sake, just to get her out of her clothes? It’s old, but still an effective trick to this day. Anyway, Darby says his ex was a fun chick and even more fun in the sack, but she was very insecure and needed constant attention from the opposite sex. If Darby wasn’t giving her the attention she thought she deserved, she would get it elsewhere, from other dudes. This, of course, drove him crazy until he finally dumped her for his own sanity.

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Beautiful Ex Girlfriend Being Naughty

Wow! I’m almost speechless! But that’s “ALMOST speechless”. You’re not getting off the hook that easy. This chick is far too gorgeous not to say anything. She’s naturally cute and sexy, and you could still proudly take her home to meet mom. From her face to her tits, and down to her beautiful snatch, she definitely ranks in the upper echelon of my personal tastes.

Sean submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend being a bit naughty in front of the camera. He says a mixture of a job and school, in different states, broke them up and he doesn’t have an real complaints about her. He just wanted to share some sexy pics of her, mainly for bragging rights. I would proudly be showing off this one, too. Thanks Sean!

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Plain Former Girlfriend Naked at Home

Personally, this chick really doesn’t do it for me, but she does appear to have a pretty nice body. She has a decent figure, full and firm boobs, and a neatly shaved snatch. Plus, she doesn’t seem to be your typical girl willing to pose naked for pictures, which makes this series a little hotter.

Turk, from Minnesota, says these pictures of his ex girlfriend are a rarity for her. It wasn’t until well into their relationship that she was comfortable enough to even be naked in front of him. It was tough when it came to sex, too, because she was very inexperienced and nervous. On the other hand, he loved it, because he got to mold her sexually to his liking. By the time they split-up, Turk says she was riding his unit, like a pro.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Snaps Dirty Self Pics

The whole “self” pics movement seems to be really be growing. More and more I am seeing picture series of horny girls shooting photos of themselves naked and/or playing with themselves, whether it’s for their boyfriends or to exploe their naughty side. Overall, I kind of like the self pics. It’s not some dude conning his girlfriend to pose naked for him, but it’s her own dirty desires that lead her there. And judging by the last picture, she’s enjoying this little photo shoot.

Jerry says his ex girlfriend was a total horn-dog while they were dating. In fact, he’s pretty sure that she wanted sex way more than he did. Of course, that didn’t mean he turned her down whenever she was in the mood. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Apparently, that still wasn’t enough for her, because he discovered that when he wasn’t able to be with her, she was getting it from some other guy. Jerry didn’t need to deal with that, so he quickly gave her the boot.

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