Cellphone Snaps of Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude

I’m guessing these are pictures off a cellphone, judging by the quality and strange coloring. She’s just too cute and sexy to pass-up, so here we are. She obviously has a nice, little body and a rack that I would think most girls would be proud of. It’s too bad she’s not showing off more of her goodies, because I, for one, would definitely like to see more of her.

Tommy submitted these pics he snapped of his ex girlfriend stripping and posing nude in the hallway of her place. He says that shortly after this little photo shoot, he took her into one of those rooms behind her and pounded her well into the early morning hours. She was really more of a summer girlfriend. They would hook-up when he came home from school for the summer, so they were never all that serious about each other. But she was always a “sure thing” and the sex was always great. After he graduated, he came home to find that she moved out of the state, and he never saw her again.

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Ex Girlfriend Spreading Her Legs in Bed

I’m a bit torn with this chick. She’s not really my type, yet there’s something in my loins that’s telling me, “pounce!” Maybe it’s because she appears to be a bit squeaky-clean, at least on the outside. When I see that in a girl I immediately start rubbing my chin, thinking, “Hmmm. How can I corrupt that girl?” They don’t even have to be all that hot. It’s just the thrill of taking them down a notch or two, while enjoying myself immensely. Even when they hesitate, I think that deep-down they like the depravity. That’s just my opinion, though.

Nate says that his ex girlfriend was a bit on the stuck-up/snobby side. This also meant that she was very high-maintenance. So high-maintenance, in fact, that once Nate could no longer afford to keep her regularly maintained, instead of being understanding, she dumped him on the spot. Her excuse was that she had met someone else, which she had. Apparently, she had been seeing some older, richer dude behind Nate’s back. When she finally bled Nate’s bank account dry, she jumped ship and landed on a yacht. Figuratively speaking, of course.

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Ex Girlfriend Smokes-Up and Gets Naked

I like this little cutie. She’s not gorgeous or anything, but she’s got that natural, plain beauty thang going for her, which beats-out a big titty bimbo any day of the week. In my opinion, anyway. This one reminds me a lot of an ex girlfriend of mine I dated back in the ’90s; blue eyes, dark hair, wore little make-up, had a smoking little body with natural boobs and she was even a big pot head. The best part was that all she liked to do was lay around all day, smoke dope and have sex.

Mark didn’t mention if his ex girlfriend was a pot head or not, but he did say that he liked to smoke-her-up because it would make her really horny and wet. He would then go down on her until she was about ready to scream and stop to let nature take it’s course. She would be so worked up that she would practically tear his clothes off and fuck his brains out. The problem was that she didn’t really like to do much more than that. She was a real “home body” and Mark was the exact opposite. Besides the great sexual chemistry, they just weren’t a good match.

Picture #7

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Busty Ex Fiance Showing Off the Goods

I don’t think you will be questioning whether or not this one’s a female or not. I bet this girl is a lot of fun, too. And I’m not just talking about in the sack, but in a lot of situations, but especially in the sack, naked and on her back. In most of these pics, I’m thinkin’ she’s looking pretty damn sexy. In the last pic, though, she seems like she might have put on a few unwanted pounds, which leads me to believe these pictures were taken over a period of time. On the other hand, she also gets extra points in that same photo, because she also looks like she just got done getting plowed. Overall, I’d say she’s definitely a hottie with some funbags that just don’t quit.

BigBen submitted these pics of his beautiful ex fiance showing off her magnificent jugs. He didn’t have a lot to say about her, besides that he caught her cheating on him only one week before their wedding. He actually walked in on her with her legs wrapped around some sweaty, hairy dude humping away on her. He says he walked right out and never looked back. Good for you, Ben! ;)

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Spreading Her Legs

I’m diggin’ this chick. She has a cute, little body and she also has a bit of an exotic look about her. Two qualities I personally love in a woman. The only thing negative I see about her is that, she either isn’t very talented at shaving her box, or she’s got about a weeks or more worth of grow-back. Either way, it’s not doing her any justice in these pictures, which is a shame because I can see a nice and pretty pussy through her slight brush.

Lee says that during the short time he and his ex girlfriend were dating, it was extremely hot. And when I say “hot”, I mean that besides the few times they actually went out on dates, it was all about the nookie. In fact, most of the times they planned on going out, they never made it, because they would end up doing it before they even made it out the door. If it wasn’t for the fantastic and frequent sex, Lee doesn’t think they would have lasted as long as they did. After only a few months, they went their separate ways.

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Ex Girlfriend Waiting for Penetration

I must admit. If I came home to find this girl in my bed and naked, like this, I would jump right in beside her, without hesitation. On the other hand, she’s not really my cup o’ joe. There’s no doubt that she looks good naked, though. I mean, she has a pretty hot body; a nice ass, a clean-shaven snatch and some fairly large funbags. How can you go wrong with that?

There’s nothing like coming home from a night out drinking and partying, to a warm piece of tail, naked and ready for penetration. According to Scratch, he came home one night to find his now ex girlfriend laying naked on his bed and masturbating, waiting for him. He was so surprised he just had to get some pics of this, and needless to say, he went to town on her until the sun came up, afterwards. Scratch didn’t say why they broke-up, but it must have been pretty bad to give up a welcoming party like that!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Snaps Nude Self Pics

My, oh my. What a tasty little biscuit we have here. It’s one thing when a dude talks his girlfriend into posing nude for photos, but when a girl’s alone, nude and snapping pics of herself, well, that’s just hot in my opinion. This girl isn’t just taking innocent, yet sexy shots of herself. She’s on her back with her knees keeping her ears warm. I just wish her arms were long enough to capture the sweetness between her legs.

Brad didn’t go into any details about his ex girlfriend. He just said he opened his email one day to see these hot pics of his dirty ex girlfriend posing nude. Of course, he was instantly horny and according to Brad, he went “straight to her place and pounded her into next week”. Wow. Sounds damn good, to me. :mrgreen:

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