Current Wife Posing Naked in Bed

Oh, man! This chick has a yummy, little body. I’m especially diggin’ her legs and, of course, that tight ass. Overall, she just looks so smooth and clean that I could eat her up right now. That bedding looks like it’s way too slippery for any hard, pounding action, though. I mean, if it were me, I wouldn’t want her sliding out from under me with each thrust. On the other hand, I think I would find some way to make do.

The story behind these pics is pretty simple. This FrozenDragon’s current wife and he just wanted to share and show her off a bit. She is definitely worth bragging about, too, in my opinion. It’s just unfortunate that her pictures are the only thing he’s willing to share of her. :P Thanks for sharing, FrozenDragon!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude in Her Room

This girl isn’t really the type I go after, personally, but damn…she IS sexy as hell. In a perfect world, she would have slightly bigger hips, but other than that I think she has a gorgeous body. And better yet, she’s not sprawled out on a hideous couch! I wouldn’t say she has perfect boobs, but it’s still a beautiful, natural rack. I just wish there were more pictures of that hot, little ass of hers. I can definitely see her as someone’s arm candy.

Danimal, from California, says that he most definitely thought his ex girlfriend was a total hottie the first time he met her, but he never considered her a trophy girlfriend. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t still very high-maintenance. Danimal didn’t mind in the beginning, because he wanted to keep her interested, but after several months, it all began to wear thin. He thought they really had something going, but as soon as the nice gifts and expensive dinners slowed down, she moved on to her next victim, leaving Danimal in the dust.

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Ex Girlfriend Fingers Herself on the Sofa

I must be a bit weird, because I think the color red is such a turn off, but most people seem to associate it with hot and sexy. I can’t even own a red car, but I suppose if if their were a a naked woman fingering herself underneath the red I wouldn’t have a problem blocking the color out of my head. This chick seems to have a pretty nice ass and a wet, juicy pussy, but unfortunately there’s not much else she’s showing us.

Roger says his ex girlfriend loved to masturbate, especially for him. She even had sizable collection of sex toys and lubes at her place, along with a healthy porn archive to keep her primed. It was nice, because she was almost always horny and raring to go. Unfortunately, that was the only time they got along. If they weren’t fucking, they were fighting. So, when she broke-up with him, naturally he figured that was the reason why, but he later found out that there was another man involved.

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Young Ex Wife Lays Naked on the Sofa

This chick looks hauntingly similar to an ex girlfriend of mine, except this girl has a much better body. I would post my ex’s pics for comparison, but once women find out what I do, for some reason they won’t let me near them with a camera. Hazard of the job, I guess, but luckily some of you are willing to share. It’s the buxom, naked cuties, like this girl, that make it all worth it. And when they are kind enough to spread their legs and lips for the camera, well who here doesn’t enjoy that?

Charles says that he married his ex wife almost immediately after they finished school. He says it’s the same old story; they thought they had life all figured out and got married way too young. It was great in the beginning of the marriage. It was like when they first started dating; sex all the the time. But once the honeymoon was over and reality set-in, it was clear that the marriage was not going to work.

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Candid Shots of Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude

I think this girl is a real cutie. And the fact that she likes to show off her nudity just makes her all the more attractive! I’m pretty sure most of you would agree that it’s them beautifully formed, all-natural boobs that really stand-out on her. They looks nice when she’s on her back, and they look nice while she’s standing upright. She should always walk around topless, in my opinion. Obviously, she’s not shy about baring herself in public.

Breezy submitted these pics of his fine ex girlfriend. He says she was very much an exhibitionist and looked for just about any excuse to be nude. This, of course, left Breezy always horny, but she was also a very sexual girl, so he was never frustrated. He didn’t mention why they split-up, but I can imagine it wasn’t easy to part with her.

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Dirty Girlfriend Gets Nude and Branded

Whoa! Now that’s what I call a dirty girl. I’m guessing she might be a bit on the submissive side, but I love a woman who lets me take control of the reigns in the sack, or in this case, the leash. In the looks department, she’s not really my type, but on the other hand, I don’t think I would turn her down, either. Especially if I got to see these pictures first. ;)

After opening these pics for the first time, I was kind of hoping I would be getting a nice and dirty, sordid tale to go along with them. Maybe it’s because this is Louie’s current girlfriend and he didn’t want to get into specifics. He did happen to include that his girlfriend is “a bad, dirty, little slut that needs to be trained”, though. Judging by these pictures, Louie’s doing a pretty good job, so far.

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Former Girlfriend Getting Naked in Bed

I think she has a pretty sexy body. She’s just natural, firm and feminine with perky, little titties and scrumptious ass. We don’t get a great look at her face, but she seems to be fairly cute from what I can see. She’s probably not the type of woman I would go after, but if the opportunity presented itself, I wouldn’t hesitate at the chance to take a roll between the sheets with her.

This is Jack’s former live-in girlfriend showing off all her naked goodies. For the most part, she was a pretty good girlfriend. The problem was that she had a nasty jealousy thing going on. She was always accusing Jack of sleeping around with other women. At first, he was flattered that she thought he could easily nail all of these women, but it wore thin very quickly. She wasn’t like that when they first met, but after he moved her into his place, everything changed. It wasn’t long until he was moving her out.

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