Cute Ex Girlfriend Sexy and Nude

You have got to appreciate a natural beauty, and this chick is exactly that. She probably looks just as cute with her hair pulled back and sportin’ sweats as she is pretty when she’s all dolled-up. Although a little boob job might help her out, she looks incredible overall. Especially that scrumptious little ass. I just want to give her a little smack on her butt.

What Harley liked about his ex girlfriend, besides the obvious, was that she was a “classy chick” for the most part. She wasn’t the type to flash her tits in public or do drunken lesbian dances at the bar, and he respected that about her. At the same time, she wasn’t a prude, either, and always a joy to be around. In fact, the main reason why they broke-up was because she wanted to settle down and have kids, and Harley says that’s a road he does not want to venture down again. What can you say about that? It is what it is…

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Ex Girlfriend Teasing with Self Pics

Wow! She’s definitely not the type of girl I would date on a serious level, but she would have no problem getting my attention. All the tattoos are kind of a shame, in my opinion, but with that body, she’s a candidate for a porn star. She’s not even showing off that much skin and I’m finding her very attractive. I’m not big on piercings either, but I do love when a woman has her nipples pierced, and with a beautiful rack, such as hers, it make it all the better.

Seth says his ex girlfriend sent him these photos of herself naked, while she was on vacation with her girlfriends, this past holiday season. Since it was just the girls, obviously, Seth stayed behind, as she was sunning her buns by day, and partying by night. She was one of the more wild women he’s dated, and she was definitely the dirtiest when it came to sex. He says that her porn star looks matched her personality in the sack, so their sex life never got boring. He didn’t mention why they split-up, though.

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Ex Girlfriend Pulls Off Her Sun Dress

Women look so hot in sun dresses. I think it’s because they’re so feminine looking and, of course, that thin layer of material just barely covering their cute and curvy bodies is enough to drive any man crazy. Not wearing any panties or a bra underneath that thin layer, like this girl, has got to cause traffic accidents as she walks down the street. Maybe even more so than a “Sue Ellen Mischky”. :D

This is Mathew’s ex girlfriend, from a few years ago. Since it’s been so long, his bitterness towards her is gone, but he just wanted to join in the fun and submit a few pictures of his ex girlfriend getting nude at home. Mathew says she wasn’t anything special and never really stood-out as a girlfriend. They were the only pictures he had of a nude ex girlfriend though, and that’s just fine with me.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Waits Naked in Bed

I wouldn’t say this chick is really my type, but at the same time I’m finding her very sexy. For one thing, I’m not sure if I could ever take a girl with and armband tattoo, seriously. On the other hand, she is a female, and she does have what appears to be a great, natural body. So, she already has a couple of positive characteristics going for her, right off the bat. Her all-natural boobs are especially standing-out to me, and though I prefer a neatly trimmed or mostly shaved muff, her hairy pussy looks mighty fine to me.

Flox, from Munich (Germany), on the other hand, absolutely loved his ex girlfriend’s natural bush and thought it looked great on her. He didn’t have much to say about his ex, except that she is now off being an actress in Germany. So you never know, these might be be those types of pictures that come back to haunt that now successful actor/actress. The type of photos that turn-up in all the tabloids, or are sold to some girlie porno magazine for millions, in-turn making her an international superstar, all for being naked in dirty pics with Flox’s load oozing down her face. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. :roll:

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Ex Girlfriend Lays Ass Up, Face Down

There are two ways I love to see a woman laying in wait. One, is on her back with her legs spread and in the air. The other, is with their ass up and face down. It just so happens this chick is laying in both of those positions and I’m loving it. Especially the last two pics. That soft, round ass and her tender, pink pussy waiting to be penetrated is almost too much for me to handle.

David says his ex girlfriend’s pussy was so good it had a spell on him. She knew it, too. She used sex to get what she wanted, to win arguments, to get David to agree with her. Before he knew it, he was wrapped around her little finger. He didn’t even realize it was happening until he got word she was messing around with another dude, while he was running all her errands, doing her dirty work. He felt pretty used and “a little like a schmuck”. Ah well, you live and learn…

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Ex Girlfriend Getting Horny on the Sofa

Well, it’s finally back to business after a few days away from exgfpics, and I figured I would start it off with one sexy and obviously very horny woman. She’s not really showing off, so it’s tough to say how great of a body she really has, but from what I can see of her, I would have absolutely no problems crawling under the covers with her. I think part of what turns me on with this chick is her tight grip on our submitter’s member, as she lay spread-eagle with a dildo up her cooch. That’s the spirit, sweetheart!

Flavio, from Italy, says his ex girlfriend was the horniest woman he’s ever known, and of course, he had no arguments with satisfying her needs any way that he could. All the time, she wanted sex, according to Flavio, and it never got old. Unfortunately, she DID get old, for him anyway. He says he got tired of her being there all the time. Apparently, he didn’t like the part of the relationship that didn’t have to do with sex, which I’m sure most of us can relate. I know I’ve been in relationships where I can barely stand the girl, but the sex is just too damn good to give up so easily.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Getting Personal

Those are some big ole natural boobies! With a chest like hers, a girl could look like Quasimotto and we (men) would never know the difference, at least for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this chick resembles a hunchback by any stretch of the imagination. She’s just got the boobs to attract the attention of all the boys. If that doesn’t work, her fail-safe is a yummy looking, bright pink, clean-shaven pussy…and she does topless circus tricks too!

Zackary says he loves his women thick, round and jiggly, and that’s exactly what his ex girlfriend was. She had a bit of the “princess” complex, but Zackary just catered to her needs like it wasn’t any problem, and then took it out on her later, during sex. She loved to have her knees pinned against her shoulders as Zackary pounded away, like horny jack rabbit. Right before she was about to cum, he says he would slip a finger into her butthole, which would just send her over the edge. But, apparently, a man with money beat-out Zack’s machismo, because that’s who she left him for.

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Let Me Introduce You to My 9 Incher

As some of you may remember, I mentioned a few days ago that I was hoping I would have a new site ready for you guys. Well, I finally got it running semi-smooth and it’s now live! There’s still a few minor bugs, but nothing that would prevent you from enjoying the site to it’s full potential.

I chose a nice and easy name for you to remember. It’s called “9 Incher“, and if you still have trouble remembering it, just think of me. ;) Normally, I tell you that there’s not much there yet, because it’s brand-spanking-new, but this time, I would be lying if I said that. There are already hundreds of videos there in just a few days. The reason why is because this site reads your favorite media sites’ RSS feeds and displays all their videos, pictures, flash and/or games all in one place, covering most categories! Some include: funny, extreme, sports, gaming and more!

Though 9 Incher is aimed towards general audiences, there is an “adult” section. The family-friendly filter is “on” by default, so just use the drop-down menu if you wish to view the adult content.

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