Petite Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Her Goodies

Yummy. I’m diggin’ this little chick. Actually, I really prefer women with curvier hips, but I like the petite factor much more, where the lack of hips really doesn’t bother me at all. I mean, I love the tiny titties, what looks to be a tight pussy and that little ass, plus she’s pretty sexy, overall. She’s definitely the type of girl I have my radar set for. Especially if she’s sitting in a skirt, pantyless, like in picture #5.

El Deuce submitted these pics of his sexy, nude ex girlfriend. He says she was a pretty cool girlfriend, for the most part. She liked sports, she liked to party and she loved sex. All the main ingredients were there. The problem was that she was just always there; at his place or at his side, wherever he went. He felt smothered and everytime he tried to get her to back off a bit, she would get upset and all insecure. Eventually, he realized the only way out was to cut her loose, once and for all.

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Busty and Jiggly Ex Girlfriend Horny in Bed

Normally, I’m not usually attracted to women with a body a bit too much on the flabby side, but there’s something about this girl that really turns me on. If the opportunity presented itself, I would be between the sheets with this chick in a heartbeat. I mean, the only thing big about this girl are her natural funbags. She just needs to get herself on a Stairmaster, or start fucking a lot more and on a regular basis. That’s always been my preferred method of working off that spare tire.

George says it was his ex girlfriend’s beautiful face and and huge rack that attracted him to her, on first impression. It wasn’t long until George finally got to unwrap that sexy package, and it was her oral expertise that eventually won him over. Of course, she was great at everything else, too, but it was her blowjobs that really stood out, above the rest. It turned out there was a reason she was such a pro. Apparently, she was not picky on who she went down on, even while dating George. After he learned this, he couldn’t even stand the thought of kissing her anymore.

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Naked Ex Girlfriend Around the House

I dig this chick because she has an average cuteness about her. She’s definitely attractive and probably more striking than most women, but she also doesn’t posses that intimidating beauty, where you constantly feel like you have to go the extra mile to keep her pleased. Obviously, by these pictures, she’s the type of girl who likes to be a bit naughty around the house, and how can you deny a cute, little thang, like her, the physical attention she so desires?

Phunny1 submitted these pics of his cute and naked ex girlfriend in various stages of naughtiness. She was a live-in girlfriend, so when they split up, it was much tougher to get over. He says she ripped out his heart, but evidently it wasn’t a situation he wanted to go into detail with, and on a public website, at that. According to Phunny1, she was just as cute and sexy as she looks in these pictures, but she had a dark side that didn’t make it’s appearance until they were already heavily involved. I guess we’re just going to have to use our imaginations on that one. But be careful, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. :P

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Ex Girlfriend Naked and Horny in Bed

I wish I had some more Christmasy pictures to post on Christmas eve, but apparently posing naked for the holidays isn’t number one on most people’s list, or at least dressing up as a naughty Mrs. Clause waiting under the tree with her legs spread wide open. But, rolling around naked in bed and spreading her legs to expose her holiest of holes works just fine for me. ;)

Markos didn’t leave us with much info on his ex girlfriend, except that she likes to sleep around. I don’t know if that’s why they split up, but judging by these few pics, she looks like she’s a real wild one in the sack, like she REALLY gets into it, which is always a plus, in my book. I guess if you sleep around a lot, you get plenty of practice. That, of course, could be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Thanks Markos!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Getting Nude In Bed

This chick is a bit thick for my personal tastes, but she would still not have a problem getting my attention. In some of these pics she looks so-so, but in others I think she’s pretty hot. If nothing else, she does have some big, all-natural boobies to have fun with, and it’s obvious she likes to be as sexy looking as she can when it comes to the bedroom. How could you deny that?

This busty babe is Chris’ ex girlfriend. He says that she always had a fantasy about posing nude in a men’s magazine, or being the main attraction in a dirty porn flick. She never had the guts to actually go through with it, but there were plenty of nights where they would act out those fantasies to the best of their abilities. Chris eventually grew tired of her. She wasn’t necessarily a bad girlfriend, it was just time for him to move on. So, in a way, he kind of made her fantasy come true.

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Need a Last Minute Gift Idea?

For all you fellas that wait until the last minute to get your girlfriend/wife an Xmas gift….

Pretty Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Naked Curves

I think those big, beautiful blue eyes alone are enough to get my attention. And she’s got a beautiful body to match. All-natural tits and all the curves in all the right places. My only complaint about this girl is that we don’t get to see more of her. Although, I bet she would be much prettier if she were smiling, but I’ll take what I can get from this chick.

Jax80 submitted these pictures of his pretty ex girlfriend, and a very recent “ex”, at that. He only cut her loose last month when he found out that she was having a little office romance with one of her co-workers. he found out from another one of her co-workers that she and this other guy were getting motel rooms for nooners, during their lunch hour. As you can imagine, Jax80 was not thrilled and wasted no time in giving her the boot.

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