Pretty Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

My gawd! What a cutie-pie. She looks so sweet and innocent, yet here she is posing nude, or topless and in her panties, in this case. That’s what makes these pics even hotter, because she doesn’t look like the type of girl who would be showing off her sexy, nude body. But a pretty face has fooled me before, and by the looks of it, this pretty face would have me wrapped around her little finger.

Q-Bert says he had to put in a lot of work, time and patience to finally get into his ex girlfriend’s pants for the first time. He knew she would be a tough nut to crack, after he they first met, but he tought she was so beautiful that it would be well worth his time. After three months of blue-balls, she finally gave it up to him and it was everything he ever dreamed. It was like he had broke the dam, because after that, she turned into a sex-crazed maniac. Q-Bert thought he would have to be constantly intiating sex, but she turned-out to be way more sexually aggressive, which was just fine by him. After about a year, their retionaship just began to fizzle-out. No wrong-doing on either of their parts, there was just no other way to go besides breaking-up.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Strips Naked for Pictures

I think this girl is a real cutie. I especially like her eyes, but that’s not to say that I didn’t notice how sexy she looks naked. In my opinion, no matter the size, natural boobs are always a plus for most girls, and it doesn’t seem that this girl is lacking in that department. In the 4th pic, I really like how she’s showing her curves. You gotta love a woman who has a nice set of hips on her.

Sully submitted these sexy pictures of his ex girlfriend flashing her tits and getting naked. He says that for the most part, his ex was a pretty good girlfriend. Besides being an obvious cutie, she was always fun and bubbly, very nurturing and a naughty and wild side to her. She was always lady-like in public, but when they got into bed, she was always up for a good, hard romp. Apparently, they were no longer seeing eye-to-eye, because he says they just slowly stopped getting along, eventually leading to their break-up.

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Plain Ex Girlfriend Spreading Her Legs

This one just seems like a real easy-going, simple chick. I don’t see her being high-maintenance or the type that would nag too much. Just a simple and plain woman that likes to stay at home. I have a buddy that loves women like that. They stay at home, cook him meals and keep his place clean and homey, while he goes out to pick-up the hotties. Probably a woman’s worst nightmare in a man, but I would love to learn how I could feel ok about being able to get away with doing it myself. :mrgreen:

Jeremy, from Nebraska, didn’t say if he kept his ex girlfriend at home while he went out trolling for pussy, but she WAS his live-in girlfriend. She really didn’t do anything wrong, per se, to break them up. She just wanted to make the relationship official, and Jeremy wasn’t ready for that.

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Ex Girlfriend Gets Nude During Vacation

This chick might be on her way to being bigger in the future, but for now, that juicy, round ass and those big, natural boobs go along way. She looks like she would be all kinds of fun in the sack, with her sexy, ample body jiggling to each and every thrust. Just by her pictures alone, you can tell this girl likes to be nude and is a very sexual women. Once you hear the story, you will be convinced of this.

Marcus (I swear, I didn’t plan two ‘Marcus’” in a row) says he took his now ex girlfriend, down to “the islands” for a nice vacation. They started out having a great time, enjoying a relaxing and romantic time in the sun. By the third day into their vacation, Marcus had to run into town to exchange some money to the local currency. She decided to hang back at the hotel and soak-up some rays, along the pool. Apparently, Marcus got back from town earlier than she expected. As he walked through their hotel room door, to everyone’s surprise, there was his girlfriend completely nude, on her hands and kness, getting nailed from behind from one of the hotel workers, while she was gobbling-down cock of another hotel worker. Needless to say, the vacation was cut short and their relationship was over.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Proud of Her Shave-Job

I really am an “ass-man” at heart. Whenever I’m checking out pics or watching videos, I’m always looking to check out the girl’s ass right away. The first body part I feel-up on a woman is her ass. And when it comes to sex, I always like to have a good view of her ass. When I see a girl like this, with such a beautiful, neat and clean hiney, it just reminds why I love them so much. Not only that, but she has a nice, long ponytail that can make a wonderful hand-grip, while doing her from behind.

Marcus says that he was always after his ex girlfriend to keep her pussy (and ass) shaved, because she had such a nice snatch. One day, she came by his place just to show off her new shave-job, and of course, Marcus had to snap a few pictures. Not long after that, he had her bent over his sofa, both their pants around their ankles, christening her freshly shaved pussy. The relationship just ended-up not working out, but she was definitely a treat while they were together.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked and Masturbating

How could you not love a girl who is so eager and willing to get naked and start masturbating, while you’re holding the camera? She would definitely be scoring some brownie points with me. If a girl will go that far, you just imagine how far she would go if you weren’t photographing and it was completely private. Judging by the orifices she has her vibrator penetrating, I’m guessing she’s not your typical church-going gal, so any sack time with her, public or private, would probably be a good time.

Brandon submitted these sexy naked pictures of his very horny ex girlfriend. She was your typical college party girl, whose top priorities included: drinking, parties and fucking, but not necessarily in that order, but all together if possible. They went on dates once in a while, but their main focus of the relationship was sex and partying, which is always a blast if it’s with the right chick. Brandon loved it, too, for a while, but after the honeymoon was over, they argued more than they had sex, so they parted ways. It was never that serious, so it wasn’t hard to cut her loose, but he really does still miss the sex with her.

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Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Tiny Tits

As some of you have heard me say it many times, I love chicks with tiny titties, like this chick’s. I think part of the reason is because girl’s with smaller tits usually have great erect nipples. I used to date this girl whose tits were so small, she rarely wore a bra. I loved when she would wear them tight and tiny t-shirts, because her erect nipples were always poking out. It was hard to control my hands from wandering up her shirt.

Maalik says he wished he would have taken more nude pictures of his ex girlfriend, because she was a freak. Besides being an oral expert, she loved doggy-style so much that Maalik would just brace himself, as she would do all the work, rocking back and forth, as hard as she could. Maalik says that he was the one who left her, but didn’t say why.

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