Busty Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked to Masturbate

She’s not as pretty as she is stunning. In other words, if I saw her walking down the street like she is (minus the nudity), there might be a rear-end accident, similar to the Sue Ellen Mishkie fiasco, on the TV show, “Seinfeld”. I’ve never been much of a boob-man, but I’m sure those massive mammaries are a big part of it, but also the way she’s dressed; and undressed. Just to clarify, she’s not fat, but she IS a bit thick for my tastes. It’s a good ‘thick’, though, like Beyonce-thick.

Ray-Ray, from Texas, says before he hooked-up with his ex girlfriend, they had a spark between them for quite some time. They saw eachother out and at parties on almost a regular basis and they messed around a few times, but it never went past making-out or heavy petting. When he finally got her back to his place, and alone, he eventually got her naked and on her back. He says he put the bullet in her all the of the night and she turned out to be WAY wilder than he ever anticipated. They were both hooked and began casually dating. She wanted something exclusive from him, but he wasn’t ready for that. The kicker is, that when he finally did cave on monogamy issue, he caught her cheating on him not even a month later. In conclusinon, ole Ray-Ray gave her the boot.

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude and in Lingerie

This chick kind of reminds me of one of them pin-up girls, from the early 1900’s, or maybe an up-and-coming amateur version of Dita Von Teese (Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend). Of course, this girl is a bit dirtier than the pin-ups of the Bettie Page era, but probably not as dirty as Dita. In any case, she’s easy on the eyes. The type of pictures I just enjoy looking at, until I get to the pics of her spreading her bright pink and wet pussy lips apart, my jeans suddenly become a lot tighter in the crotchal region.

These pictures were submitted by an anonymous surfer from Deutschland (Germany). He didn’t leave me with any information on his ex girlfriend, besides referring to her as a “slave”. Now, whether that means he has her clean-up his room or that she’s a slave for his cock, I don’t know, but the collar and leash around her neck might be a pretty good indicator. If he has women of this calibur as his sex slave, I might have to talk to this guy and see what he’s doing right and I’m doing wrong.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Showers and Primps

I’ve probably said it before, but I have a weakness for the Latin ladies. Of course, this girl could be Asian, but whatever her ethnic background may be, she looks sexy as hell. She has a naturally pretty face and what appears to be a naturally hot body, that just won’t quit. I also noticed that she’s pretty handy with that shower head. I wonder how often she uses that when there isn’t a camera pointed at her, in her private time.

Matthew, from New England, says his ex girlfriend was in college when he met her. She was from a small town and was living her time away from home to the fullest. Sex, drinking and other illicit activities was all what she considered, “experimentation”. Of course, like any other man would, Matthew took full advantage of the situation and before he knew it, they were engaged in a very passionate and wild realtionship. It was pretty much sex and partying all the time. When summer rolled around, she went back home. They made plans to get back together when the next school season started, but he never heard from her again.

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Ex Girlfriend Lubed-Up and Masturbating

Oh, man. I LOVE when chicks lube themselves up, making their skin all shiney and slippery. Unfortunately, you don’t run across too many girls that are into lubing themselves up with baby oil, or whatever, except in porn. Every now and then, a chick that likes to get a little freaky comes along, greases-up her nude body, and lets you slide around on her belly, or anywhere else you can think of. I like those kinds of girls.

Jeremy says that you would never know how much of a horn-dog his ex girlfriend is, just by looking at her. You would think she was a prim and proper, all-American girl, but once the clothes came off it was evident that he was in for quite a treat. Plus, you don’t see too many good girls with their clit pierced, or reaming themselves with a purple dildo, for that matter. Jeremy THOUGHT he was really falling for this chick, but once he discovered she was banging some other dude, on the side, he realized it was that incredible pussy that was clouding his judgement.

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Ex Girlfriend Plays with Herself at Home

I always enjoy a cute, topless woman icing-up her nipples. Actually, I enjoy it much more when I’m the one doing the icing of her nipples, but with my teeth, and before I move through the valley, over the fertile plain and down to her dark forrest of love. Ugh. That almost sounds like it’s right out of some cheesey romance novel. Ummm, so I’m told. Anyway, the slender body, the pointy nipples, that glistening pink snatch and her desire to take something long and hard up the ying-yang all spells fun to me! :D

Francois, from France, says his sexy ex girlfriend was even dirtier when the camera wasn’t on her. Apparently, she tones it down in front of the camera, for fear it might end up on the Internet. But who would do something like that, right? He’s another one who didn’t leave me with anymore information, but if this is considered “toning it down”, I can only imagine what she would do in private.

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Hairy Ex Fiance Spreads Open Her Legs

These pictures aren’t of the highest quality, but I think you will still capture the essence of this horny, all-natural, naked woman. And when I say “all-natural”, I’m not just referring to her large boobs, but also her natural, hairy and unkempt pussy. That’s not my personal tastes, but I know there’s a fairly large number of you who prefer the unshaven, natural snatch. Then again, if it came down to a very hairy puss over no pussy at all, I think can live with picking public hair out from between my teeth.

Tom sent in these pictures of his naked ex fiance spreading her hairy, unshaven pussy for the camera. He didn’t mention why they called-off their engagement, but I’m guessing it was bad, because I’ve never heard of an engagement ending on good terms. Unless, of course, he means that it was once his fiance, but now she’s his wife, but I think he would’ve mentioned that.

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Latina Ex Girlfriend Stripping on the Bed

I have a fairly big weakness for Latin women and this one we have posted here is one of the many reasons why. Is she sexy or what? Of course, she could use a bit more on top, just so her tits would be proportionate to her body type. That’s okay, though. I’d still let her hold them against me. But if you can’t deal with tiny tits, you just have to flip her onto her stomach, because she looks like she has one hell of a pooper, on her.

Spanish Fly submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend, during a moment of uninhibited exhibitionism. Something that was completely out of character for her, at the time. When they first started dating, she was so reserved and nervous when things got physical, but by the time they broke-up, she was the one demanding him to fuck her. He’s not sure how, or exactly what he did, but he unleashed her sexual beast. Even after she began seeing someone new, she kept coming back for late night booty-calls. He hasn’t heard from her in a while, though.

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