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Cute Ex Girlfriend Masturbating in Bed

What a little cutie. And I’m really digging how horny she is in these pictures, too. I wish we would have gotten the full show. I would’ve liked to had seen how handy she is with that vibrator. I love watching girls masturbate and make themselves cum, just as long as I get a shot at it afterwards. When it’s a tight, little cutie with firm, perky tits, it’s all the more hotter. Plus, she looks like she has a very scrumptious, pink snatch that looks like it could use a nice tongue lashing and a good poking.

Brad, from Kansas, says he had a horny, little firecracker on his hands, with his ex girlfriend. For all other intents and purposes, she was a “good girl”, but when it came to being naughty, and just about anything sexual, she became a deviant. Of course, Brad didn’t have a problem with that. He liked it. It was like their dirty little secret. But when Brad learned that she was sharing that sercret with another dude, he was NOT a happy camper. It turned out she had been sneaking around behind his back for quite some time with this guy. So he figured he’d share her with the rest of us.

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Petite Girlfriend Poses without Her Pants

This little chick is sexy as hell, in my opinion. Of course, I DO have a major weakness for the tiny, petite girlies, so I’m sure that’s a big part of the attraction. But you must admit, she has a sexy little body, and if her top half looks as good as her bottom half, she has an even better body than what I’m thinking. I’m more of an ass and legs man, anyway, rather than a breast man, but seeing her completely nude would be nice. I ain’t gonna lie about that.

SolGoode, from England, submitted these pictures of his CURRENT girlfriend. The cool thing about that is, she has no idea Sol posted her. Well, it’s probably not cool to her, but for the rest of us it’s great! So, there’s no amazing story of tales of revenge for this series…yet. Maybe we’ll get the full nudes when/if they break-up. *hint, hint*

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Tattooed Ex Girlfriend Strips Naked in Bed

I really don’t get the whole chicks-covered-with-tattoos thang. In no way is it attractive, for even the hardest looking babes out there. I have tattoos, so I’m not against them at all, but they are just so UNfeminine I don’t even understand why a woman would want one, in the first place. For pretty women, a tattoo becomes more of a blemish than a decorative accessory, in my opinion. On the other hand, it would not stop me from sliding in between the sheets with some tattoo-covered hussy, wearing nothing besides high heels, a hat and a smile. :mrgreen:

Rigo, from New York, says his ex girlfriend was a real wild and horny one. He hates to admit it, but he was almost having a hard time keeping up with her off-the-charts libido. In fact, he even popped Viagra sometimes so he could keep hard, so he could continue to nail her on her level, and he doesn’t even have any impotence problems. That sounds like a whole lot of fucking, to me! She had an even bigger weakness, though, and she ended up leaving Rigo for the man that supplied her with that instant gratification.

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Sultry Former Girlfriend Posing Naked

There’s something about this girl that I find really attractive. Of course, it does help that she’s attached to a beautiful naked female body, but she has this aura of sex appeal that I like in a woman. The dark eye make-up, the long stringy hair and her willingness to spread her legs for the camera all add to her sexy, yet almost ‘trashy’ looks. I’m not saying she’s trashy, she just looks it in these pictures…and daddy like. ;)

Kosmonaut submitted these pictures of his sultry ex girlfriend posing naked for him. He didn’t really leave me with any details on her or their relationship, except his parting words were: “She can fuck like a beast!” Using that tidbit of information and looking at pics of her naked, I think is all we really need.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Lays Nude and Restrained

I’m kind of turned-on by this girl. She has this look/aura of innocence and naivety, yet she seems so willing to be tied-up and restrained, while laying nude in bed and waiting to be taught a lesson or two. By the looks of it, she’ll probably be a bit big and sloppy when she gets older, but I bet she’s a lot of fun in the sack now. I might have a hard time controlling my staying-power with that sexy, lil’ thang jiggling underneath me with each hard pump.

Donny, from Alabama, was saying that his ex girlfriend was very much in a sexual experimentation phase when they were dating. Of course, it really wasn’t going out on any ACTUAL dates, but more of a get-drunk-and-fuck-like-crazy sort of relationship. She was up for trying anything, and when I say ‘anything’, I mean, N-E-THING. They would even watch porn together for new ideas and sexual positions. When Donny met a new chick, his interest in this one eventually died-down, ultimately ending in a break-up.

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Candid Shots of Sexy Russian Ex Wife

I’ve been really taking a liking to the Russian ladies, lately. I remember back in the 80’s, when Russian women were portrayed as large, over-weight, masculine women in drab, grey dresses with a light colored scarf drapped tied around their heads. Actually, I think I might be remembering an old commercial for Wendy’s. Nevertheless, once I had internet access, I was in for a big surprise Over the years, I’ve become very attracted to Russian girls. Especially when they have a nice, tight and petite body like this chick’s. Based strictly on her on looks, I wouldn’t mind settling down with a woman that looks as good as she does.

Nigel, from England, says his fiery-tempered, Russian ex wife is a very beautiful woman with an absolutely amazing body, which we can clearly see. Plus, she just had amazing sexual technique. She would fuck his brains out, leaving him more than satisfied. But Nigel says she was also the most extremly selfish woman he has ever met, who more-or-less took him for every last cent before their marriage was over. This was, of course, before she cheated on him and ultimately, leaving him. I don’t get it, Nigel. She seems like such a sweetheart! *sarcasm intended*

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